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TJX Europe



OgilvyOne and TJX started working together in 2017 and in this early phase our key KPI is about driving registration to the programme – to quickly and efficiently build scale.


TJX Europe retailers, TK Maxx and Homesense, wanted to build a powerful emotional connection with their loyal customers; driving increased affinity, frequency and breadth of purchase across both chains’ physical and online stores.

Taking a smart approach to developing the programme, they ran a pilot to identify key insights and learnings. This test and learn approach enabled them to get the concept, mechanic and platform, rewards and engagement strategy just right – ensuring development of a model that delivered maximum brand, customer, business and partner value.


Using a combination of research and analytics, we identified that loyal fans are, by nature, treasure seekers. They love the thrill of the find. This became our guiding insight in the development of the programme.

Fans collect their Treasure card in store, register and then receive monthly communications. Every month they purchase, they have the chance to win or receive quirky, emotionally charged, special rewards – all designed to enhance their brand experience and ultimately build their loyalty to TK Maxx and Homesense, providing compelling and fun incentives to take a peek in-store or online on a frequent basis, driving significant brand engagement.

From mining customer data, we unearthed customer insights that led us to identify and optimise key touch points for the customer experience, from in-store, to email, to a dedicated Treasure website, all featuring their playful, fun and charming tone of voice.

Ogilvy worked with TJX on the national roll-out, across the UK and Ireland. Treasure was born.

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