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for Suzuki



Suzuki Saturdays from ITN Productions on Vimeo.



The Brief


In a crowded and predictable car marketing environment, the challenge was to help cut

through the noise. Suzuki wanted to compete with it's competitors

and bring love back to the brand.



The Solution


ITN Productions partnered with one of the UK’s most loved brands (Ant & Dec) and their

hit show, Saturday Night Takeaway. We created content that would visually sit

somewhere between advertising and TV programming - not a typically high polished



We approached the filming days with the intent to get as much content as

possible.  We needed it to be fun, fresh and entertaining and we also wanted the online

content to be different from the TV content. We were able to reward our online viewers

with unseen content and to tease the fans with the new ads launching each Saturday

evening. We delivered 10 30 second TV commercials and 20 long form edits tailored to

social media.



We Delivered


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