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You work hard to convince consumers to buy your products. But working hard to help the people who supply them can get you even better results.

Tangent built Carlsberg an incredibly powerful, web-based portal that helps pubs and off-licences do everything from order drinks to create marketing materials - differentiating Carlsberg as a genuine partner they’re keen to promote.

Supported by our team at Tangent’s Contact Centre, where we work with brands, retailers and membership organisations to deliver an exceptional customer experience, the trade website has helped Carlsberg increase market share, pave the way for new business opportunities and boost volume and profit.

The home page for Carlsberg UK’s We Deliver More, showcasing a sleek UX where trade customers can sample point of sale (POS) products and plan their marketing calendar for the year ahead


Carlsberg approached Tangent with a brief to design and build a B2B website that would support the brand’s country-wide network of outlets to ensure their licensees are well-positioned to communicate with their customers.

The We Deliver More marketing hub aims to help licensees more deeply understand their customers in a fiercely competitive beer market.


The platform provides licensed outlet owners advice on how to run their business, special rates, deals and promotions, critical business data, forums, news and calendars to plan around key sales times.

It focuses on giving value to the user rather than a direct sales pitch or lead generation. The tone is also very B2C - friendly and helpful - a guide to running a better business rather than just acting as a supplier.


The first section visitors navigate through is a most popular products interface, helping business customers understand the lagers they should be selling at their premises.

Most Popular Products

Bespoke business tips also lend the site a significant consumer angle, helping customers to drive greater engagement, improved acquisition rates and increased loyalty.

A most popular products section has been added, geared towards driving new leads and POS purchasing

Business Tips of the Month

Carlsberg’s Business Tips of the Month, including new ideas around flavours that can help drive sales


A good news section on any websites underscores Carlsberg’s approach to their business communications: making their customers’ lives easier.

The impressive news section highlights new offers and POS materials customers can use, as well as practical tools outlet owners can use to optimise their marketing.

Deals Directory

Carlsberg UK’s Deals Directory offers a download functionality, enabling licensees to delve further into bespoke insights into their customers.

The We Deliver More hub offers insights on top-selling products and helps to suggest new products that can impact businesses’ bottom-line results.

Point Of Sale (POS)

At Carlsberg’s POS section, licensees can buy hundreds of personalised POS items, from branded glassware to bar equipment and loyalty cards.

Customisable posters such as these below, help to show off Carlsberg’s inimitable brand messaging and provide an easy UX, whilst offering plug-and-play marketing materials for the end user

The wealth of customisable, branded posters shows the importance of giving value to the user - licensees - rather than focusing on selling

Our Brand

The ‘Our Brand’ section crystallises the breadth and depth of the beer brand’s suite of products, plus there are strategic advice and titbits.

There’s a mix of product information, training, business tips and an area where customers can access an extensive catalogue of POS material.


Events & Training

The events and training piece includes information about cost per lead (CPL) training, e-mail marketing and social media best practise guides plus top tips and trends, based on categories.

There’s also useful signposts for events marketing. From visibility to credibility, trade shows are an integral part of B2B marketing and offer Carlsberg’s licensees an invaluable opportunity to reach new customers and build up stronger brand equity.

A mix of content such as social media and real-world marketing insights, have created demonstrable results for Carlsberg’s clients.

The 10 Steps to Success, as highlighted on the Events & Training site, includes guidance like ‘understand your customers’ and ‘footfall driving occasions’

User experience design (UX) & Functionality

The easy-to-navigate interface encourages engagement amongst busy publicans and trade customers, who want access to the most important information and best practise tips that will help them drive engagement.

As part of the redesign, Tangent added additional features such as a marketing calendar and a POS shop.

Easy-to-use POS product filter functionality has been added to the site

Trade customers are encouraged to register and login. The refreshing UX greets the customer at the start of their user journey


Tangent continues to work with Carlsberg, as part of their 2017 online marketing efforts, and a redesign of the website is set for launch in February this year.

As part of the redesign, we optimised the mix of relevant content marketing, added an Our Brands and Events & Training sections, downloadable content and filter functionality.

Use the slideshow below to see the difference between websites

Old Carlsberg Website

New Carlsberg Website

Industry and Insight

From TV commercials to a monthly deals directory, those Carlsberg customers who have signed up to the platform can access exclusive content designed to help them sell more products at POS.


Our Impact

Tangent’s digital transformation project, has helped create real-world results for Carlsberg’s trade customers.

Sarah Casciello, B2B Marketing Manager at Carlsberg

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