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Tangent loves brands so much, we've created our own. is a digital platform that allows customers to create wrapping paper made up from their favourite Instagram, Facebook and camera roll images.

The interface that greets the user on the homepage.

The brief

Lots of brands and businesses are looking to invest in social, mobile and the customer experience to engage with the Snapchat generation - typically regarded as being born between 1990 and 2000, mission-driven and who live their lives inside-out. 

Tangent leveraged this special zeitgeist moment to create that blends all of these things within an eCommerce product.

Built with a mobile-first approach, blends commerce with a seamless user journey to create a truly exceptional customer experience. In just three easy steps, customers can create a wonderful, personalised and tangible product with content that usually only lives online. 

We're currently developing an API to allow 3rd parties to sell personalised wrapping paper printed with thoughtfully chosen photos to add that extra special touch. 

Our approach

We used a proprietary software to create a technology platform that allows consumers to tailor-make personalised wrapping paper, integrating photos from their social media feeds.

The user experience design (UX) is intuitive and easy-to-follow, taking consumers on a journey from a 'Create' page to an 'Inspiration gellery' to a shopping basket.

The Inspiration Gallery

The gallery showcases positive reviews from customers and explainer videos from our YouTube channel – watched more than 5,000 times.
The videos include everything from an emoji-covered wrapping paper to leveraging family photo albums to create a bespoke online experience.

Making it personal taps into the growing trend for consumers' appetite for personalised services in the Age of the Consumer.

Customers can access the web-to-print range from £7.99 for three sheets at 65cm x 46cm, to £10.99 for a small roll at 50cm x 2.2m and a large roll for £15.99 at 50cm x 3.6m.

Social media branding

As part of the launch, Tangent leveraged social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to drive, and engage with, the conversation happening in real time around the brand. 

Results's popularity has led these UK major retailers to take up the range in store and print-on-the-spot initiatives.

The popularity and positive online sentiment around was such that celebrities including 2015 X Factor winner, Louisa Johnson, purchased some wrapping paper at our pop-up shop at the exclusive department store, Selfridges Oxford Street.

Consumers and the media offered rave reviews, from fashion magazine, Elle, to popular designers, such as The Lovely Drawer, saying:

Is there a more personal way to wrap your gifts and make them look stunning than with an array of your own photos?

@TheLovelyDrawer shows that we are passionate about brands, as well as technology and user experience design (UX). It was a new brand that we created from scratch in five weeks, underscoring Tangent's ability to be flexible and quick-to-market.

Oliver Green, Managing Partner, Tangent



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