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Clarks 'Gloforms' Back to School Campaign

In the UK Clarks are synonymous with school shoes, they have been the market leader since the market pretty much began. Trust, quality and Innovation have been at the heart of that success.

TV Spot: The Gloforms Have Landed!

The Gloforms campaign focussed on launching a new toy in a shoe concept to children aged 5-7. Our objective was to create a world for these toys, including the name, their characters, the back story and a narative that could develop across multiple platforms and customer touchpoints. It was also key that this new sub brand would be at the forefront of growing the brand in new and emerging markets.

The Gloforms Hub

The target audience was at the heart of the idea - creating a series of deliverables that formed an immersive campaign that would attract children of both genders across multiple touch points. 

We developed conceptual characters and a back story adding depth to the brand. With the established story we looked at how to bring this to life visually across all touch points. 

Multi-platform App


We highlighted the characters personalities and their story through a series of animations for TV spots & VODs. We also released a multi-platform app with games and interactive content including a 3D video which when used in conjunction with the kids shoe box brings the characters to life through a series of holograms.

A partnership with Turner Entertainment allowed advertisement through show take overs with competitions and 90 second TV spots on both Cartoon Network and Boomerang. 

Media Partnership

The success of the campaign was proved soon after the launch selling over 6,000 pairs of shoes within the first week - a 40% increase on previous years.

Overall the total reach was over 2 million 5-7 year olds with 1 in 3 Children aware of Gloforms.

The Campaign impact saw 90% of children who had seen the ad wanted their parents to buy Clarks Shoes.

The App performance had over 60,300 downloads hitting no.8 in iTunes top 10 Apps for 5-8 year olds.

CN News Flash Take Overs

POS & Packaging

Brand Guidelines


TV Spot: Meet The Gloforms

TV Spot: The Gloforms Reunite!

TV Spot: The Gloforms Save The Day!

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