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Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Branding / design


MADE.COM is an online furniture retailer that opened in 2010 challenging the market with a model that offered designer furniture at affordable prices by connecting customers directly with designers. 

It was our job to create a series of unified advertising campaigns that were bold, disruptive and differentiated MADE.COM from the emerging competition. The campaign needed to raise brand awareness and recruit new consumers.

Christmas Campaign Art Direction

The Grid developed an idea called ‘MADE YOU LOOK’, an image-based campaign with a play on words that created a range of colourful composite images with a twist, capturing the unique, creative approach MADE.COM offered.

Christmas Campaign Advertising


This overarching theme ran across 3 seasonal campaigns with Autumn Winter using pastel colours and painted tools, metallic styling for Christmas and a more direct message and styling for the Sale campaign.

The creative, with its beautiful, modern aesthetic cut through the noise and attracted attention. 


Designers Campaign

Art Direction





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