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Creating steal-worthy pub glassware to launch Kopparberg on draught

Kopparberg wanted a unique and eye catching on trade campaign to launch Raspberry Smooth on draught for the first time across the UK.

At the heart of the brief was the desire to create an iconic piece of glassware, that would create a buzz in pubs around the launch, and create a talking point.

The Kopparberg brand story is one of provenance and heritage, so at the heart of the creative challenge was seeking a way to bring the ‘made in Kopparberg’ idea to life in a new and exciting way for the core millennial audience. 

Our inspiration came from tactile, intriguing ancient maps, so we commissioned an illustrator to freehand sketch the topographical detail of the town of Kopparberg and the local area, where the cider is still made today. 

This map became the core digital asset for the campaign; lasered on to the glassware using state of the art print technology, and featured across Kopparberg’s campaign channels to build a powerful brand story for launch.



Kopparberg on draught will be launching in pubs across the UK this year.

‘Certain came up with a design that will be new icon for the brand in bars around the UK’

Rob Salvesen, Senior Marketing Manager


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