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World renowned ‘alchemist’ appoints Certain to brand film  brief

T H E U N S E E N are a creative technologist company that has won international recognition by creating inks, compounds and coatings that can be applied to any material to visualise data in incredible ways.

Led Founded by Creative Director, Lauren Bowker, T H E U N S E E N combines design, chemistry and data with couture to change the way the world uses colour and improve people’s lives. She has just launched a new component of the business entitled “T H E U N S E E N Essence” which will collaborate with large, corporate companies to create disruptive new products utilising patented technology from ideation, to R&D and eventual commercialisation into the mass market. It was our job to bring this fantastic story to life for B2B audiences.


THE UNSEEN | Brand film from Certain Ltd on Vimeo.


We created a brand film in the first instance that would capture the 'magick' of the product and tell the story with clarity, creativity and credibility for key corporate business audiences. The film had to clearly portray the product benefits whilst the creative process was free to explore the brand and how it can contribute to the experience of an innovation-led business.


Certain were great fun to work with and captured the ‘magick’ and essence of our brand. We enjoyed the experience and valued Certain's insight and support they brought to the project. We look forward to working together again in the future.

Lauren Bowker, creative director and founder at T H E U N S E E N


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