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Reimagining Sainsbury’s Digital Experience 

Earlier this year Sainsbury’s Digital Experience team embarked on an innovative project which aimed to redefine the digital experience across their wide range of online properties. AllofUs formed a crack team of designers and we co-located the team down at the Lab in their Holborn HQ.

Our job was to not only help create this new vision, but to also provide leadership and shape new ways of working across all disciplines within Sainsbury’s Digital Experience team.

The first step was to do a deep dive into the brand and map out the existing landscape across all of Sainsbury’s digital properties. Once we immersed ourselves into Sainsbury’s world, we needed to quickly build a foundation that would allow all teams to create and iterate on products and services. We took Sainsbury’s core brand principles and translated them into a series of bespoke Experience & Design principles. This tool is now essential for briefing and reviewing any work that comes out of the Lab - it ensures everything new that is created feels Sainsbury’s.



With a solid foundation to build upon, AllofUs worked hand-in-hand with the Digital Experience team to create a series of best in class, user centered, omni-channel user journeys that would become our immediate focus and vision for the future across the business.

At the same time, the design team started exploring a new design system that could feel ownable while still allowing the individual brands to express themselves individually.  



The ultimate goal of this project was to ensure that we empowered the Sainsbury’s Digital Experience team moving forward to be able to create new products and services for the brand and also be able to work more efficiently. The solution was to create a Style Guide and Library.

The online style guide is a living library of re-usable, pre-designed, pre-coded components to be used by Sainsbury’s in-house development teams to create digital products and services.


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