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In 2014 sales for the i newspaper were in decline, and over the next year the paper was to double in price. The problem was that no one really knew what the newspaper stood for; they failed to notice the difference between the i and other national daily papers. So we were tasked with creating an emotionally engaging campaign during the 2015 General Election, when news outlets are at their busiest.

Our objectives were to raise awareness and find new audiences for the paper; to increase circulation during the election and maintain circulation after; and above all we had to maintain readership whilst doubling the price of the paper.


We created a brand campaign that launched on TV, print and digital. Our idea was that in the chaos of journalism today with different agendas and confusing reporting the i can get you to the point, with clear and concise journalism. Our brand TV ads showed the effect that confusing journalism can have.

We also saw the opportunity to use innovative digital thinking to make the brand fresh and relevant during the busiest time of the year for news companies. Programmatic creative allowed us to target and make the brand relevant to many audience groups, helping us engage with new inquisitive readers.


  • Circulation increased by 7% during the election, and maintained a 4% uplift after the election.
  • We drove a massive 350,000 people to the i website in four weeks.
  • Our programmatic creative had a click through rate that was 700% above the industry average.
  • Readership in the 18-24’s and the 45-54’s increased significantly.
  • The i was named National Newspaper of the Year at the 2015 News Awards.




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