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Following a strategic shift, Perrier-Jouët wanted to cultivate a stronger house style to enhance its reputation for wine excellence and artistry and ensure that the brand remained distinctive. The existing identity lacked clarity, with too many variations that diluted its recognition and luxury status. Key markets were using visual equities differently whilst relying heavily on one in particular – the anemone.

Undertaking an extensive contextual audit, we immersed ourselves in the brand’s rich history, category language and competitive set. Through Visual Planning, we identified and brought to life the brand’s core facets, elevating its boutique and artistic nature, conveying a sense of craftsmanship and allure, as well as leveraging its art nouveau credentials with contemporary relevance.

Our creative intention was to convey as much of the elegance and craft that is found on the Belle Epoque bottle into the brand identity. We wanted to move away from computerised and artificial-looking anemones to a more painterly, artistic expression. We also needed to expand on the number of assets to avoid an over-reliance on both the logo and anemone and to provide flexibility for markets across a host of different touch points.

The colour palette, typography, shape and form were integral to creating a modern aesthetic, whilst the representation of the painted anemones provided craftsmanship and elegance. The creation of a new brand pattern added greater depth to the brand palette.

The visual identity is now implemented in a much more consistent and luxurious way globally and the brand is growing 2.5 times faster than the category.



Limited Editions

As part of our on-going brand guardianship, Coley Porter Bell has helped Perrier-Jouët to develop a number of limited editions.

Tasked with developing naming and packaging  to bring the product propositions to life, the briefs have also required that these specially created cuvées fit seamlessly into the Belle Epoque range.

The first limited edition – Edition Première – was created to celebrate the delicacy and freshness of spring. Initially launched in Japan, its role was to encourage trade-up within the Mama-san channel. Released for only a few months in Spring time, the name needed to communicate the proposition and sound fittingly elegant. The design solution was geared towards enhancing the beauty of the liquid colour and anemones that adorn the bottle – a subtle, turquoise foil picks out colours within the flowers, whilst the pearlescent label feels frosted and dewy which not only supports the concept but helps to set it apart from the core Belle Epoque range.

Subsequently, we then developed Edition Automne. Both the cuvée and the packaging were designed to reflect the sensory richness and warmth of autumn.

In both instances, the success of each design is in its luxury detailing and subtlety of the finishes which exude elegance and artistry. Despite such limited supply, they have created new news and been exceptionally well received across markets.


Perrier-Jouët, Nuit Blanche

Perrier-Jouët is a boutique champagne house, most famous for its beautiful Belle Epoque prestige cuvée, characterised by the art nouveau anemones that adorn its bottle. It also produces a range of non-vintage champagnes which are the entry point in to the range.

Perrier-Jouët asked Coley Porter Bell to help develop a new offering for the US market.

The brand had spotted an opportunity for an upscale sub brand for conspicuous consumption by young mixed groups in late night bar and club venues and wanted us to develop an offering that appealed to this niche whilst retaining the Perrier-Jouët brand feel and luxury status.

Working with the client’s need state and consumer information we developed a range of potential concepts for the new offering. Consumer research led us to the strongest route with the core thought of ‘ignite the night’ which was used as the start point for both the design and naming.

The name had to balance obvious French-ness with understandability by our target audience and a need to nod towards the nighttime consumption occasion. Nuit Blanche was the resulting name. This was married with a re-interpretation of the hand-drawn anemone flower, which has been part of the Perrier-Jouët  brand since being created by Belle-Epoque artist Émile Gallé in 1902. The anemone was reimagined with expressive green, white and gold outlines to create a more dynamic feel.

With a soft launch in 2013, Perrier-Jouet Nuit Blanche has grown its distribution in high end lounge bars and nightclubs in the US and the range was extended to a Rosé variant in 2015.

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