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Rethink Role Models

Challenging Australians to find true inspiration in a celebrity-dominated culture

Organic reach of 1.29M

60.5M audience impressions

6.6M earned media 

Engaging a millenial audience with the Samsung brand by challenging them to rethink their role models

Samsung Role Model - Good from irisworldwide on Vimeo.

The Challenge

In Australia, the Samsung brand only appealed to ‘techy’ men. In order to connect with women, Samsung decided to sponsor Netball.

Netball is a sport played by many, but with very limited reach. We needed an idea that would make it relevant to all women - and we found it in the players themselves.

Our Approach

We took a look around for female role models and found a world filled with Kardashians, inappropriate music videos and unhealthy eating habits. Are these really role models? We didn’t think so.

To launch Samsung’s sponsorship of netball, we took the opportunity to offer an alternative. And the alternative lay in the players themselves. Players whose success was down to talent, determination and hard work. Players that were real role models.

We challenged Australia to ‘Rethink Role Models’. Featuring Netball Australia’s golden girls, our hero content launched at the biggest game of the season. Our powerful message tapped a cultural nerve and quickly spread out from the netball community.

We followed up with films featuring the inspirational story of each role model with unique hashtags. Clever YouTube targeting allowed us to hijack searches for poor role models. And we held meet and greets across Australia, delivering VR experiences with Samsung 360 training.                 

Our ambassadors sat on high profile panels advocating change and continued to push out Samsung branded content on their social channels. 

The campaign was coined by Sportette - a commercial about women in sport that finally ‘gets it’.

Samsung will continue to support netball in Australia at a national, state and grassroots level, inspiring the next generation of Australian women.



1.29M Organic reach with zero budget within the first 24 hours

60.5M Audience impressions

$6.6M Earned media


93% YouTube completion rate

2.5M+ Shares, likes and comments

87% score on driving brand preference

25% uplift in likelihood of searching for Samsung online

For every media $ spent we reached 103 Australians

74% of female viewers felt more positive towards the brand

Winner of the Regional SPIKES Award for Film Craft, and APG Australia Silver for Brand & Creative Planning

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