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Thrive On

Relaunching Purdey's to drive a 25% increase in market share


30 million reach

366K Shares of the hero film

25% increase in market share

Relaunching the brand in the hearts and minds of consumers with an ATL led, 360 ̊ campaign, featuring star Idris Elba

PURDEY'S THRIVE ON 30 CTA from irisworldwide on Vimeo.

The Challenge

Purdey’s, the multivitamin fruit drink, recruited iris to rebuild its brand. Whilst the vitality market had grown in volume and diversity, underinvestment in the Purdey’s brand had resulted in a dramatic drop in awareness and penetration. Purdey’s was a drink that today’s 40-somethings remembered from their youth, but hadn’t touched in years.

With goals to increase awareness from 19% to 29%, and shift penetration from 1.6% to 3.3% in 12 months, we needed to get our audience reaching for Purdey’s when they needed a boost, and to tell their friends about it too. 

Our Approach

Our starting point for developing a new communications campaign is to understand the purpose that sits at the heart of the brand. 

Insight from consumer research revealed that our audience was inspired by those with a growth mindset. They want to believe that however far you get in life, you can always go further. This isn’t a traditional view of success aligned with status. It’s a belief that life holds endless possibilities for exploring our own potential and we simply need to have the energy and dynamism to keep striving for it. 

Purdey’s provides natural invigoration when you need it. So there was a synergy between our rational product RTBs and an emotional territory that was rich and inspiring. By connecting the two we arrived at Purdey’s passionate purpose: ‘Helping people to thrive in life’. And the brand idea: ‘Thrive On’. 

‘Thrive On’ encourages people to take life in their stride, to shape their own success and make the most of life’s possibilities. And nobody embodies this better than British actor, musician, entrepreneur and fashion icon, Idris Elba.

Through disruptive, thought-provoking short films, we’re highlighting the issue that too many of us stop thinking about our future too early in life. In partnership with Idris, Purdey’s is inspiring its audience to question, and change this... to Thrive On. Awareness of the partnership was raised in an extensive digital and social campaign, PR, OOH and in retail. 

‘Thriving On’ into year two

This year, we have launched the second phase of the brand’s long term passionate purpose – ‘Everything You Need Is Inside’.

The campaign sets out to reinforce the message of ‘Thrive On’. As part of his two year sponsorship deal, Idris returns in a collection of charming ten 15-second Facebook films, designed to inspire viewers. 



30 Million reach

366K Shares of the hero film content. This is 10K more than total ‘Likes’, which indicates the highly sharable nature of the content and how actively engaged people were. Viewers choose to share the content with others first, over ‘Liking’

64% profit increase

25% Increase in market share 


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