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Social media campaigns that truly resonate are the ones that utilise the intimacy of social platforms to offer consumers access to unforgettable real world experiences. So that’s exactly what we did with adidas Originals and Stormzy.

adidas Originals has supported grime artist Stormzy from day one, and with the imminent release of his hugely hyped debut album Gang Signs and Prayer we wanted to celebrate that authentic relationship and create a special moment for his fans across London.



The adidas London Newsroom has an existing and authentic relationship with Stormzy and in February, with the imminent release of his debut album and a BRIT nomination, his star was shining more brightly than ever.

We knew that with nearly two million followers across Twitter and Instagram combined, Stormzy is one of the most prolific and engaged artists on social. We also knew that digitally savvy consumers value access and unique experiences above almost everything else, and that young consumers in particular are ready to respond immediately when something catches their eye. With those factors combined, we had an unmissable opportunity to use social platforms in an innovative way, putting the fans first and giving them the opportunity to meet their hero and help him on his way to his first number one later that week.

On Tuesday 28th February, at 11.22am, Stormzy tweeted out simply: “07514944280 #GSAP”. Cue intrigue. Less than 20 minutes later, he follows up with a second tweet revealing that he’s in London and asking fans to text their name and location ASAP. Cue madness.Within just a few hours, we had received more than 10,000 texts to the Stormzy hotline, with fans desperate to be a part of whatever we had planned.

Over the next two hours, we selected 100 lucky recipients and at 1.30pm, they each received a video message recorded by Stormzy, informing them that they were in for something special if they sat tight and were available in London that afternoon. Following this initial teaser, at 3pm the chosen 100 received a second video message from Stormzy, this time revealing that he would be at the adidas Originals store and that they should head there in two hours for a special meet and greet.

From over 10,000 responses, we had given 100 lucky fans an afternoon of direct interaction with Stormzy via a dark social mechanic, letting them into the secret and being the first privileged few to find out about the event.

From 3.15pm, we then started to tease Stormzy’s whereabouts through Instagram Stories to the 1.4m followers of the @adidasuk channel. Starting with an image of the globe, over the course of 45 minutes, each post zoomed closer in towards the final destination, with the final reveal of the adidas Originals store posted by both adidas Originals and Stormzy himself at 4pm, wrapping up an afternoon of teasers.

At 5.15pm, Stormzy arrived at the adidas Originals store to be greeted by crowds of over 300 fans. Once inside the store, fans were greeted by a Stormzy takeover, with live DJ, food, drink and Stormzy branded adidas Originals merchandise for everyone. And, of course, they each got to meet the man himself, as he spent time meeting and signing albums for every single person who passed through.

Fans were also invited to step into a GIF booth that placed them into the video of Stormzy’s latest video, Big for Your Boots, all shareable across their own personal social channels. Celebrated photographer Ashley Verse – recognised for his connections to the UK grime scene – was enlisted to capture and publish real time content on the night, opening up the experience for anybody not able to make it. A Snapchat geofilter was created especially for the event and used by 196 of the 300 fans – as well as Stormzy himself – reaching 690,000 people.

Fans passing through purchased a copy of Stormzy’s album instore, helping him on his way to achieving his dream of hitting the number one album slot just a few days later.



We received over 10,000 responses to the Stormzy hotline within just a few hours

66,000 engagements through @adidasUK Instagram

Combined reach of 4.8m across adidas UK social channels

1.3m views of event wrap video within 24 hours



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