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O2 Oops
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Fighting back against the curse of cracked screens

Data insight and research sits at the forefront of our proprietary methodology. We have developed a framework that allows us to understand, analyse and benchmark the most important interactions between a brand and its audience. We call it Brand Experience Mapping. It explores the negative and positive experiences within a “love, choose, buy, use” chronology, whereby the entire end-to-end consumer journey is explored. We believe brand experience thinking leads to better solutions. And we’ve got proof.

In a saturated telecoms market and increased competitor spend meant our client O2’s SOV had slipped to 5th place. The competition was encroaching on their space by adopting similar propositions, turning things like Priority into the norm.

With every iPhone launch there’s as much to gain in contract sales as there is to lose in the form of existing customers coming out of contract. 

We needed to get customers to choose O2 as the place to get their new phone.

To bring this to life, we deepened our relationship with O2’s customers and the consumer journey, discerning the highs and lows of phone contract purchasing , helping us recognise opportunity through solution.

The solution came with a category-redefining proposition - a free screen replacement on O2’s latest phones.

It was rooted in the universal insight that over 30% of people in the UK have smashed their phone screen, and offered a genuine benefit (68% don’t get them fixed because of cost, effort and time).

We adopted a simple, visually-iconic style of a cracked screen over O2’s signature blue grad. We smashed, dropped and cracked every media channel in our integrated campaign. 

Broken billboards appeared across the UK. A cracked translucent cover wrapped the Metro. TV, Instagram stories, GIFs & a Snapchat Lens generated more buzz.

Oops smashed it, scoring above the norm for branding in channels like OOH (83 vs. 74) and press (81 vs. 66). In social, it generated an impressive 190m of earned reach. Whilst the campaign had a positive effect on all key brand metrics, the biggest shifts were seen for attractiveness and Top2Box consideration. 

O2’s Free Screen Replacement was a groundbreaking proposition that translated into an impactful campaign and delivered for both the brand and business at a critical time. 

The campaign has been recognised for its outstanding creative, use of media and overall effectiveness. Winning a Silver Media Cannes Lion for excellence in media execution, four awards at Creative Circle and Creative Pool, and a Highly Commended at Marketing Society for effectiveness. 

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