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Guitar Hero Live: The Amp

Turning festival activation up to 11!

Brand Challenge

Generate buzz around the re-launch of the new Guitar Hero game which incorporates a first-person view, performing with a real band to a real crowd, with real reactions.


The standard industry model of just letting the game content do the heavy-lifting, propping up pods under a white canvas tent while passers-by get a view of the back of lots of heads, was not sufficient.

Our approach was to stay true to the core principles of the game and give festival-goers an amplified experience of what it’s like to be a ‘real’ rock star.

The Amp was a giant structure which housed a highly immersive and theatrical experience allowing festival-goers to unlock their inner rock god.

On the ground floor, visitors could demo the new game, as well as place pre-orders via a GAME store concession with attractive incentives.

Upstairs, cherry-picked consumers were given an immersive brand experience, complete with talent scout, fans, and a personalised backstage rider.


  • 11,000 personalised gaming demonstrations

  • 33m+ mainstream media reach

  • 5.3m+ social media reach from Hub talent

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