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Innovate Your Game

Nissan UEFA Champions League, Kiev


As part of their ongoing partnership with the UEFA Champions League, TRO delivered Nissan's Champions Festival activation, for the forth consecutive year with the 2018 final being held in the Ukraine's capital, Kiev.

Keeping the product story at heart we designed a 360˚ caged arena that tested participants reaction time, control and accuracy; mirroring the capabilities of Nissan’s 360˚ intelligent ProPilot. Using automated football cannons, footballs were randomly delivered to the player who had to control and then shoot the ball at goal targets of varying difficulties. Over 60 seconds the player had to score as many goals as possible with lower-level goals worth 100 points and higher-level goals 250 points.

There was single and a dual player option, with both ‘leagues’ having their own leader board. At the end of the 4-day festival, the person/s at the top of each leader board were awarded with tickets to a UEFA 2018-2019 championship match.

Participants were captured in slow-motion taking part and a short video was sent to them by email once they finished playing. An additional chance to win UEFA 2018-19 championship match tickets was given to those who shared their video using the hashtag #Innovateyourgame.


1,400 plays over four days


22% return rate with visitors playing more than once


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