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We worked with the VR team at Google to introduce Daydream to the world. This endeavor ranged from giving developers at I/O a first look at the platform to establishing Daydream's key brand elements.

The website was home-base for telling the full Daydream story. We needed to find simple and compelling ways to give background on everything from app content to hardware to the platform that underpins it all.



In addition to our work on the Daydream site, we had the chance to work closely with the product itself. We created a “first look” film of the Daydream experience for I/O 2016, showcasing the in-product UI and demonstrating the unique controller.



Establishing a consistent look and feel for the Daydream brand involved exploring multiple elements of the brand’s design. We used the Daydream cloud shape to house experiential imagery, both on the website and as a template for social media postings. And to show off the amazing Daydream View headset, we designed a series of 3D animations to enjoy the view from multiple angles.



And to help make the launch of Daydream View in stores feel even more magical, we developed a 360 stereoscopic video that takes users on a seamless journey between VR apps and experiences within Daydream.

(use your cursor to explore the 360 video)



We wanted to ensure that the full story of Google VR was cohesive with these Daydream updates, so we also redesigned as an umbrella page for all of Google VR's platforms. 


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