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Crypto as a force for good

We believe in the transformative power of decentralised technology. Dare wouldn’t be much of a digital agency if we didn’t. We also believe there’s a long way to go before it’s ready for the mainstream. 

AVA came to us with a desire to revolutionise philanthropy and disrupt the traditional model of charity, an idea with the potential to transform how users live their lives online. It just so happened that these ambitions were backed by the blockchain.

Long-term thinking

AVA’s seed funding was healthy but not exhaustive. They had the concept and they had the technology. What AVA lacked, and what Dare delivered was the team and talent to nurture that idea beyond beta. 

AVA is one of a small handful of partners with whom we’ve built a longer term relationship. In recognising their potential, we’re willing to weather some uncertainty. 

It works because we share the same values.

Setting the stage for decentralised tech

The AVA business model is founded on transparency and democracy; from how money is distributed to how their foundation is governed. AVA came to us with a clarity of vision we found refreshing. They also brought with them confidence in their own expertise and a willingness to demur to ours. 

We’re already half a year into our flourishing partnership with AVA. The opportunities much like our collective ambition feels limitless. 

Here’s to the future.

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