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Get low-confidence and quick fix diet-plan
women to try a new way with SlimFast.



Key Barrier: New products and quick fixes
rarely work for them, based on their experience,
so they need to see personal relevance.

Key Comparison: Today’s Instagram-able lifestyles,
where celebrating and sharing success with friends and peers online is second nature.




SlimFast. Works For Me.

SlimFast is a sassy and on-your-side partner for women to have a new start with,
and to share their success with others: Works For Me.

Kimberly Walsh showed women how SlimFast could help them meet their goals,
and encouraged them to share their stories with each other.

Through a mass sampling programme, TV, outdoor and print advertising, we raised
awareness of SlimFast – how tasty it is as well as how it’s working for real women.



A 22% year-on-year sales uplift during the campaign period
78% of women surveyed say they now feel warmer towards the SlimFast brand
And 65% say they are more likely to buy it as a result of the advertising


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