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Get people to choose a belVita breakfast
so they can keep going through their
whole morning.


Key Barrier: People don’t see a biscuit as a viable
breakfast option, let alone a potential preference. 

Key Comparison: Playlists and podcasts that put you
in the right mood as you navigate your day.



Good Mornings are when you have a spring in your step and a smile on your face.
They’re contagious and have a positive impact on the people around you.
They’re the mornings when you can handle whatever comes your way.
They don’t happen if you skip breakfast



We helped everyone experience Good Mornings from belVita by using
music to spread the feel good vibe throughout the whole morning.

We took a belVita branded sunshine yellow piano to cities across the UK
reaching a unique audience at train stations and in city centres.

Our professional pianists played uplifting music whilst our team
of brand ambassadors handed out samples.

We reached all corners of the country via door drops and offices delivering
a musical Amp box containing a belVita sample. The box turned into a mobile
phone speaker enabling the recipient to play their favourite morning tunes a little louder.


Recognised. Key brand assets were used in all executions – from the yellow of the pianos
to the wheat sheafs from the product being integrated into the Good Mornings campaign logo.

Resonate. Using strong, colourful visuals and uplifting music meant that we were encouraging people
to have an emotional response to uplift their mornings.

Relevant. We were only active in the mornings and our activity didn’t need people to alter
their behaviour or even break stride when busy to feel the benefit.



Over 2 million unique consumers sampled belVita

Since trialling the product 69% have gone on to purchase belVita

‘Good Mornings from belVita’ will be adopted by different European markets next year


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