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Eradicating ‘boredom’ whatever the weather

Casumo are an online casino with a mission to “eradicate boredom”. We were tasked by Casumo to drive business growth, increase customer retention and reach target audiences using innovative and cost effective approaches.

Through isolating key conurbations and matching weather patterns for key cities against visits, site engagement time and deposit levels on the Casumo site, data showed that weather had a strong influence over how often and how heavily people engaged with the Casumo site. When the weather was wet, it prompted certain audiences to play more and play for longer.

Using this insight, we synced a real-time weather API to Facebook's API, so that we could ensure Casumo ads changed automatically depending on the weather. 

Different dynamic creative ads were served depending on the weather, location and audience profile. We also delivered various creative messages such as specific offers to drive engagement and encourage sign-ups from new users.

Whilst we saw an immediate positive impact on the core metrics following our campaign, the best results came from the significant rise in the subsequent deposits paid as a result of our activity, indicating significant engagement from new Casumo users, which was one of our key objectives.




increase in subsequent deposits

6x ROI 

of non- weather campaigns


increase in avg. time on site 

Hike in new visitors

time on site

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