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Powering a sustainable future with
OVO have-a-go cycling tour

In 2017, we were challenged with demonstrating OVO’s green energy credentials through their title partner sponsorship of the Tour of Britain.


We came up with the idea of a have-a-go cycling pop-up tour: “powering a sustainable future”.

We designed and built an OVO pop up tent that followed the Tour of Britain - a VR cycling challenge allowed the public to generate their own, green energy. We interwove feelgood photo finish moments into the challenge, turning them into GIFs.

We also gave away 34,000 pieces of branded merchandise as we visited 13 locations in as many days.



There were 2,900 interactions
over 2 tours (women’s and men’s).

Achieved 115% of target
activations and handouts.

The 2018 Tour of Britain is
currently live now.


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