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How we got product into the
hands of millennials

Whilst brand awareness had increased steadily since the launch of our #sorrynotsorry brand campaign, Reese’s were struggling to convert that awareness into trial. It was summer and it was hot, so how could we look to increase trial during a period that was traditionally not associated with high levels of chocolate consumption?


Summer may not be our biggest consumption period but, when offered a free chilled sample, our consumers are still going to consume it and what’s more, enjoy it. We just needed to target a high concentration of our audience at a time when they were receptive to brand communications.

Dive Into Chocolate and Peanut Butter and be Sorry Not Sorry

To sample to our audience in a fun and engaging way that reflected our brand tone of voice and targeted those with an ‘up for a laugh’ attitude in a moment of high dwell time, we took Reese’s to SW4 Festival.

But unlike traditional sampling, our festival-goers had to compete for a sample of Reese’s. With only one cup up for grabs per pair, when one person won a sample another person lost – #sorrynotsorry. The winner of the Reese’s cup then got to chose which of the two giant inflatable slides they would dive down; but they had to chose carefully! Over each slide hung a prize bag for the festival-goers to grab, one bag had a prize and one bag was empty – #sorrynotsorry.


  • The activity was hugely popular with our audience with over 45,000 festival-goers from our target demographic sampling our product, and a total of 90,000 who, if they didn’t receive a sample, still had the opportunity to see and engage with the brand.

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