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The Challenge

Whilst the Nordic market was one of the first to embrace Canada Goose more than 20 years ago, it had lost relevance and appeal amongst its target audience.

Our task was to create a brand story that would reinforce Canada Goose’s authentic roots of exploration and encourage reappraisal amongst a premium audience.

The Solution

We followed three modern-day explorers through the Nordic wilderness, each inspired by Friluftsliv (the philosophy of man + nature). Their actions were captured on film as genuine reportage, providing source material for all of our campaign comms in the Nordics.

Launched at the Stockholm Film Festival, the content was then distributed via an influencer outreach program, paid online media, print and large format digital screens in city centres. All comms directed the viewer to a campaign microsite, with links to purchase.

This campaign was as much about creating relationships with the trade as it was with consumers. We ran a pre-launch campaign, targeting high-end retailers, with an exclusive launch event and press pack.

The Results

The films received 2.2. million views (from a population of 15 million across DK & SE) driving a 65% increased of visitors to from those markets.

Sales almost doubled in Sweden & Denmark over the campaign period and NK, their key retailer, saw an 85% uplift in sales.

Brand tracking revealed the campaign successfully created a new idea of the brand and its users and sparked a new found curiosity, providing a rich foundation to build from.

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