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How MoneySuperMarket Got People Feeling EPIC


How it all began...

The truth is, people don't wake up thinking about Price Comparison. This is a market where top of mind recall is the golden ticket to winning search box wars and bring in customer volume to their sites. In 2013, brands were competing harder, and shouting louder than ever before - some were singing about it, some were giving away cuddly toys, and some were spending more and more on media. 

Introducing 'EPIC'

MoneySuperMarket's approach has been to move away from talking about how to save money, and instead to appeal to people’s emotions by demonstrating exactly what it feels like to save money, That is, EPIC. To bring this EPIC feeling to life, we needed a creative solution that delivered that all important entertainment factor, one that could embody the exuberance, excitement and flamboyance of someone who's saved money, and who obviously feels amazing.

Taking Inspiration from Culture

We looked to culture to find the most resonant expressions of feeling EPIC. We borrowed from Kim K’s booty, Miley’s wrecking ball & a body popping security guard Youtube sensation to create new, more fun, expressions of the EPIC feeling of saving money at MoneySupermarket. This led to the 3- campaign extravaganza that was Dave in hot pants, pole dancing Colin the builder and the body popping bodyguard Wolf.

But who was the most EPIC? 

Our next challenge was to build on the EPIC momentum of the first 3 campaigns. Of all our characters, the two most recognisable and loved were Dave, the sassy strutting businessman, and Colin our remarkably supple & lithe builder. Our plan was simple, to give the public more of what they loved most, and continue to ensure that MoneySuperMarket was front of mind when people went online for price comparison. Knowing that both characters had mega-fans, we decided to pit Dave against Colin in an amazing piece of performance entertainment - an 'EPIC Dance Off', where the public could decide who was the most EPIC. Using a launch media moment that would continue to put our characters at the heart of UK popular culture - a 2 minute special break in the UK’s biggest Saturday night TV property; Britain’s Got Talent, we introduced the world to 'EPIC Dance Off', sparking a huge social media debate, and propelling Dave and Colin to true entertainment icon status.  Finally, we delivered a fittingly epic culmination of their rivalry in the final evolution of the campaign - 'EPIC Squads'. 

An Idea That Lives in Culture

That campaign has delivered EPIC success, and rooting the campaign in culture has ensured that 'Epicness' has taken on a life of its own; from featuring on the front and back pages of the Sun, to making hotpants and heels one of the UK's top stag outfits, to generating hundreds of internet and spoof parodies and featuring on programmes like Charlie Brooker's Talk show, This Morning and Channel 4's The Last Leg. The campaign has generated millions of pounds in earned media, forged a unique role in British culture for MoneySuperMarket, put 'EPIC' firmly back in the cultural vernacular and most importantly, has delivered business effect for the brand. All in all, pretty EPIC stuff.

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