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Frankie Speakman, January 25th 2018

FMCG Trends 2018 - How Live Experience Can Make the Difference

This report explores trends impacting FMCG in 2018 and through the lens of 'Live Experience’ showcases our thoughts on where brands can make the most impact with their audiences.

Seen Presents, September 11th 2017

Feel the Experience

With live experience fast becoming the go to tool for brands to create authentic connections with consumers, we've looked at the neuroscientific principles behind Storytelling, Embodiment, Memory and The Five Senses, to share some thought starters on how to create emotionally impactful brand experiences.

May 9th 2017

Seen This Issue 4

In this issue, we consider how digital brands are activating in physical spaces and why audiences still need to feel connected to brands in order to build advocacy. We ask why experiences are now even more important for how a brand interacts with its audience and why brands think physical spaces are important for them.

Amy Thomson, February 8th 2017

The Human Touch

The Human Touch draws on insights from architecture, neuroscience, psychology, semiotics, anthropology and service design in the hope that it will encourage brand owners to see what the event industry does in a new, more strategic light.

January 1st 2017

Seen This Issue 3

In this issue we introduce Seen Connects, the newest member of the Seen Collective, who believe that influencers should be treated as an extension of your brand team. This issue features all things social and influencers, providing industry insights as well as what we have been up to in the last 3 months.
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