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Tweet : Today about 58 minutes ago
Hey New Yorkers, want to elect candidates who support our communities and the full range of sexual & repro health care services? Same. So, we're following our new friends @PPNYCVotesPAC. Join us.
Tweet : Today about 3 hours ago
How do our friends at @SierraClub stay down-to-earth after just launching a high-tech site redesign? It's just their nature. Check it out:
Tweet : Today about 3 hours ago
Are chatbots right for your organization? Technical Director @vdibart on whether your #nonprofit should invest in the new tech:
Tweet : Today about 7 hours ago
Here’s our new, simple policy for panel participation: ???? BSDers will not join panels where all of the experts on the panel are men. ????We’re happy to help identify another female expert or panel participant located nearby.
Tweet : Today about 13 hours ago
TODAY: Matt Ipcar, our Executive Creative Director, will be delivering a keynote on design's role in politics and campaigning at @designmcr's D(isrupt)M. Join us!
Tweet : Oct 18th 2018 17:08
Excited to take the stage with @CUNY and @NYCImmigrants to share how we're empowering New York immigrants with the language access program #WeSpeakNYC ???? ???? ????
Tweet : Oct 18th 2018 16:45
Don't miss Executive Creative Director Matt Ipcar's keynote on political design at @designmcr's D(isrupt)M tomorrow. Join us @BridgewaterHall:
Tweet : Oct 18th 2018 16:32
RT @glaad: Stand up against bullying for #SpiritDay because LGBTQ youth are unstoppable, brave, resilient and beautiful. Take the pledge no
Tweet : Oct 17th 2018 15:44
Blue State Digital will no longer speak on all-male panels at conferences. Our Executive Creative Director Matt Ipcar suggests you do the same. Here's why:
Tweet : Oct 15th 2018 16:15
RT @SierraClub: WE'RE SO EXCITED! Our brand new website is live today! Go take a look:
Tweet : Oct 10th 2018 21:01
Our UX Designer Andrea Powell will be leading a workshop, "Indigenizing Apps," this weekend at @Catapult_Design's #ChangeLabs. The community event is designed to develop skills, strategies, and networks to strengthen #NavajoNation. Find out more:
Tweet : Oct 10th 2018 19:24
"Women want to see themselves reflected in leadership.” Our Head of Creative and Delivery @marie_ewald at #PWIA2018 #WomenCount
Tweet : Oct 10th 2018 14:53
Because we don't wear our thoughts on our sleeves, let's stand with our friends @NationwideKids as they launch the #OnOurSleeves campaign to help transform children's mental health. Join the movement at #WorldMentalHealthDay.
Tweet : Oct 9th 2018 22:10
RT @UN_Women: On #AdaLovelaceDay, we're celebrating #WomenInSTEM & honouring Ada Lovelace, the world's 1st computer programmer! Here are s
Tweet : Oct 8th 2018 17:28
Are chatbots right for your organization? Technical Director @vdibart on whether your #nonprofit should invest in the new tech:
Tweet : Oct 8th 2018 16:22
This weekend we're joining @Catapult_Design's #ChangeLabs to develop skills, strategies, and networks to strengthen #NavajoNation. Check out our workshop, "Indigenizing Apps." Join us: #IndigenousPeoplesDay2018
Tweet : Oct 5th 2018 20:32
Is the rise of SMS use in campaigns just a honeymoon period? @NBCNews asked our Head of Creative & Delivery @marie_ewald her thoughts on the campaign trend.
Tweet : Oct 4th 2018 16:33
Congrats to client and friend @thischoi of @100ResCities for the feature in @thecut via @jcrew. You always did look good in blue.
Tweet : Oct 4th 2018 14:52
Your senator might text more than your teenager. Our Head of Creative & Delivery @marie_ewald gives @NBCNews her take on the current campaign obsession of 2018: SMS.
Tweet : Oct 4th 2018 14:20
RT @katestarr31: the @bsdwire designers are my type of people
Tweet : Oct 3rd 2018 16:51
#AskAnArchivist about the endless supply of inspiration archival collections provide for designers, developers and writers. Pictures from one of our favorites in the New York office, @lubalincenter ?
Tweet : Oct 3rd 2018 15:27
Is a #chatbot the right choice for your #nonprofit? How your org can take advantage of the AI tech, like @sierraclub and @charitywater:
Tweet : Oct 3rd 2018 14:49
Is your candidate texting you? @NBCNews talked to campaign pros, like our Head of Creative & Delivery @marie_ewald, on how text messages are changing the 2018 election.
Tweet : Oct 2nd 2018 18:00
#FarmAnimalDay makes us remember when we helped @Heifer raise money by naming a goat “Jennifer."
Tweet : Oct 2nd 2018 15:25
Bots are so hot right now. But is the AI fad right for your brand or #nonprofit? Our take on chatbots:
Tweet : Oct 1st 2018 19:26
What a great start to #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth. Congrats to our friends @BCRFcure for securing funding for 300 scientists in 14 countries ????????????
Tweet : Oct 1st 2018 18:14
Are chatbots right for your organization? Technical Director @vdibart on whether your #nonprofit should invest in the new tech:
Tweet : Oct 1st 2018 16:30
Not your average Saturday at the @metmuseum. Thank you to @SenecaWomen for hosting the Fast Forward Innovation Forum and creating a space for women to discuss power, purpose and innovation for our future. #senecaconnect
Tweet : Oct 1st 2018 15:19
@danredding Glad it wasn't too cheesy. Keep an eye out for our updated office icons! ????????
Tweet : Oct 1st 2018 14:25
Wondering why everyone is running around on a headless #drupal? Chief Technology Strategist @jacksteadman's findings from @DecoupledDays:

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Let's make banking more human
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