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Tweet : Jul 18th 2018 15:05
Watch the highlights from our recent employer brand and talent attraction breakfast event with some fantastic speakers from @EY_CareersUK @Timewise_UK, @EY_Foundation ,@kingsbschool and @MSL_UK. #talentattraction
Tweet : Jul 18th 2018 13:21
RT @msl_group: We help clients maintain brand positioning and solve complex problems by connecting brands to their audiences using meaningf
Tweet : Jul 17th 2018 17:50
RT @PublicisGroupe: The UK ad market is going through big change but Publicis Groupe is ahead of the curve” - Annette King, CEO of Publicis
Tweet : Jul 16th 2018 15:05
We’re very proud of our Senior Account Director, @Joe_Rankin who has been announced as one of @prweekuknews 30 under 30, you can read his full interview here:
Tweet : Jul 16th 2018 10:30
RT @PublicisGroupe: Publicis is proud to be bleu! #FiersdetreBleus A huge congratulations to the @FrenchTeam @equipedefrance on winning Fra
News : Jul 12th 2018 by Claire Hutchings
Learn from the experts about next generation employer branding and talent attraction following our recent event:
Tweet : Jul 10th 2018 09:36
RT @PublicisUK: Thanks everyone who joined us for the first time at #LondonPride2018 ???????? We had a great time, it was super special! ???? Keep s
Tweet : Jul 9th 2018 09:11
RT @msl_group: The future of brand partnerships - moving from influencer marketing to influencer relationships where personal narratives an
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 11:29
We need to shift from offering flexible working as a concession, to being proactive with how jobs are designed and people are managed says Karen from @Timewise_UK. #talentattraction
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 11:23
Demand is outstripping supply. 87% demand competing for a 10% supply says Karen Mattison from @Timewise_UK #flexibleworking
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 11:20
Flexible working is good for business, talent rentention, internal progression, diversity and inclusion are just a few says Karen Mattison from @Timewise_UK #flexibleworking
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 11:15
Flexibility can work in any role, 8 million people currently work part time says Karen Mattison #flexibleworking
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 11:11
54% of uk employees already work flexibly in some way say Karen Mattison #flexibleworking
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 11:00
Challenge your freelancer bias, channel their incredible expertise and put effort into your reputation are the 3 top tips from Claire Pache and @J_R_EY on the gig economy #employerbrand #talentattraction
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 10:55
Emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility are two of the five skills we identified required by contractor workers we needed to attract says Jane Robinson from @EY_CareersUK
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 10:48
Having a better work/life balance and the feeling of being in control of how they work are most important to the gig economy says Claire Pache
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 09:50
Meaningfulness is incredibly personal says Katie Bailey, they’re connecting their experiences at work with what matters in their personal lives in a very holistic way.
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 09:47
Meaningful work isn’t easy work, a quick fix, only for the elite or the latest fad explains Katie Bailey.
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 09:45
Work is meaningful when it makes a contribution, has purpose, challenges us and we care about it says Katie Bailey from Kings Business School, Kings College London #talent
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 09:40
Almost half of all workers would take a 15% pay cut to work for an organisation with an inspiring purpose #meaningfulwork
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 09:29
The @EY_Foundation does things to the same standard as EY but for social good says CEO Maryanne Matthews
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 09:26
Maryanne Matthews says @ey_foundation makes it easy for your business to employee people from diverse backgrounds by running payroll, giving training and mentoring plus much more #talentattraction
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 09:17
Our speaker Maryanne from EY Foundation explains it’s important to give the skills and work experience to young people, but more important to give them access to the employers #talentattraction #employerbranding
Tweet : Jul 3rd 2018 10:45
How can we be more effective at tapping in to the vast potential of the growing flexible workforce? Join us and @KarenMattison, co-founder of @Timewise_UK tomorrow at our half day summit
Tweet : Jul 3rd 2018 09:13
RT @msl_group: Pleased to see that our global CEO @GHerbette is on @PRWeekUS' Power List 2018 that ranks the most powerful communicators in
Tweet : Jul 2nd 2018 14:30
This Wednesday, our Planning Director Claire Pache and @J_R_EY, Head of Employer Brand of @EY_Foundation are discussing how we can engage with a more contingent, gig-based workforce through original research amongst contract workers
Tweet : Jun 29th 2018 16:05
We're excited to have Katie Bailey from @kingsbschool who will be discussing about - what really matters to people when it comes to talking about purpose and meaning at work?
Tweet : Jun 28th 2018 13:00
How can we really connect with hidden talent pools to create diversity, innovation, and social mobility? - Find out @MayanneMatthews, CEO of social mobility charity @EY_Foundation insights and advice at our next event on 4th July
Tweet : Jun 28th 2018 11:39
RT @SalterbaxterMSL: Another successful Innovation Day! Over 7 years we have supported 54 social entrepreneurs. Thanks to everyone involved
Tweet : Jun 27th 2018 15:36
With a week to go for our 'New Rules. New Talent' event. Join us and our incredible speakers with our joint CEO Jason Frank, @KarenMattison, @MayanneMatthews, @J_R_EY, Katie Bailey from @kingsbschool | 4 July 2018 | Register here:
Tweet : Jun 26th 2018 11:26
See our new work for Goffs on @creativebrief -
News : Jun 26th 2018 by Claire Hutchings
MSL and sister agency Salterbaxter has won the corporate, employee and sustainability remit for global manufacturer, Mondi.
News : Jun 13th 2018 by Claire Hutchings
We're proud of Sarah Grech and Max Crame who beat off stiff competition in this year's Young Lions digital category:
News : May 30th 2018 by Claire Hutchings
MSL’s Director of Engagement, Priscilla Kuehnel writes for Communication Director magazine on the future of work:

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Supporting Goffs 5th London Sale
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Engaging media, influencers and industry pros with the luxury Goffs experience ahead of Ascot 2018.
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