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Tweet : Today about 4 hours ago
RT @pollyn1: Fundraising is at the heart of our sector. And it gives us ?@Shelter? our freedom and independence. I wrote a blog on what thi
Tweet : Today about 7 hours ago
RT @feministlibrary: Today the Feminist Library launch a crowdfunding campaign for a new building. We are asking the public to help us rais
Tweet : Nov 13th 2018 16:02
RT @brian_bilston: Here’s a poem called ‘The Kindness of Strangers’ for #WorldKindnessDay
Tweet : Nov 13th 2018 12:30
RT @juliacatherine: Faith in humanity restored after spending 2hrs collecting coats for @WrapUpLondon! If you want to donate coats to homel
Tweet : Nov 13th 2018 11:24
RT @ShelterBox: Christmas is on its way and we have a list of gifts we want to send to families who have been forced to leave their homes t
Tweet : Nov 13th 2018 11:04
On the doormat for @ShelterBox #christmas #fundraising #directmail
Tweet : Nov 13th 2018 07:45
RT @pamountford: The art room @TheChristieNHS bringing the garden inside with a colourful display
Tweet : Nov 12th 2018 18:03
@dalchodha Mean!
Tweet : Nov 12th 2018 16:56
@dalchodha Surely this is a cruel internet hoax???
Tweet : Nov 12th 2018 15:33
RT @ShelterBox: Take a look at this delicious Crunchy Palak Paneer recipe from the @HairyBikers. Why not give it a go, and raise money for
Tweet : Nov 12th 2018 15:33
RT @ShelterBoxCan: Do you love getting together with #friends and #family to eat, drink and have fun? Make your next get together a #Shinef
Tweet : Nov 12th 2018 15:00
RT @sjvoss31: I had a really good time doing my bit to help #WrapUpLondon this morning, collecting coats at Kings Cross. Visit @WrapUpLondo
Tweet : Nov 11th 2018 20:11
RT @PoppyLegion: At the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them. #TwoMinuteSilence #RemembranceSunday
Tweet : Nov 9th 2018 14:45
RT @mmaarrow: LONDONERS! DIG OUT YOUR OLD WINTER COATS! Spent the morning at Kings Cross giving out these flyers for @WrapUpLondon. If
Tweet : Nov 9th 2018 14:45
RT @theLaurenSmithy: This is such a lovely cause @WrapUpLondon ???? If you have any spare or old coats, you can donate them to #WrapUpLondon
Tweet : Nov 9th 2018 14:39
RT @charlietheking: This is my favourite festive GDPR gag of Christmas 2018 so far.
Tweet : Nov 9th 2018 14:37
RT @amolrajan: Seeing this for first time. Former Royal Marine with Parkinson’s cries with joy after feeling improvement. Millions of hours
Tweet : Nov 8th 2018 15:11
RT @ShelterBox: Tune in & listen to @BBCCornwall at 4.10pm TODAY to hear our very own Cornish chef @JackStein talk about #ShelterBox, and h
Tweet : Nov 8th 2018 12:45
On the doormat. Our Christmas appeal for the amazing @shelter has landed! #fundraising
Tweet : Nov 8th 2018 11:41
RT @doctor_oxford: Hawking Hawking Hawking Hawking Hawking Hawking Hawking Hawking Hawking Hawking ??????????????????????
Tweet : Nov 7th 2018 19:02
RT @ShelterBox: Watch this epic video to see one of our #tents spring to life in #Sulawesi! We’re working with our incredible #Rotary partn
Tweet : Nov 7th 2018 13:42
RT @gaystheword: We've added a new shelf to display more poetry face forward. Lots more spine out underneath. ???? Come and be inspired. #ga
Tweet : Nov 7th 2018 12:35
RT @on_agency: On this #Diwali why not show the love and sign up to #shineforshelterbox? #candles #compassion #charity
Tweet : Nov 6th 2018 16:22
On #shineforshelterbox. Our #fundraising kit's arrived! #winter #party #candles
Tweet : Nov 6th 2018 13:07
On this #Diwali why not show the love and sign up to #shineforshelterbox? #candles #compassion #charity
Tweet : Nov 6th 2018 12:51
On legacies and #brexit
Tweet : Nov 5th 2018 14:40
On #shineforshelterbox. Even Leo's getting excited about our forthcoming #shine party! #fundraising #dogs #dogsoftwitter #shelterbox #candles #food #friends #colleagues #winter @ShelterBox @shelterboxusa @ShelterBoxNZ @Big_A_Band
Tweet : Nov 5th 2018 14:03
RT @eatlivtravwrite: New: How I’m helping @ShelterBoxCan through #ShineforShelterBox this holiday season (and how you can too!) @ShelterBox
Tweet : Nov 5th 2018 10:21
On the fashion photography of Marilyn Stafford - in pictures @dalchodha
Tweet : Nov 5th 2018 09:24
RT @TowerOfLondon: #TowerRemembers from up high in the sky ???? A helicopter’s view of the 10,000 candles filling the moat of the Tower each n

Re-branding flagship fundraising event for this muddy obstacle course.
Aug 9th 2018 15:16:36
Medical Aid for Palestinians  - Gaza emergency press ads
Medical Aid for Palestinians
Gaza emergency press ads
A national press ad created and posted within 24 hours.
May 16th 2018 09:21:38

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