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Tweet : Nov 15th 2018 18:07
Live events can be a risky business, and organisations can often suffer stage fright when it comes to taking their #thoughtleadership into the spotlight. Here are The Thought Leadership Project's top tips on how to get your thought leadership speaking up.
Tweet : Nov 14th 2018 18:55
Last night, we won a PRCA National Award. The tremendous 'There But Not There' campaign with @Remembered2018 by Newsfeed PR and Good Broadcast, part of Good Relations, scooped the Not-For-Profit and Charity Award. #therebutnotthere #awardwinning
Tweet : Nov 14th 2018 08:54
RT @PRCA_UK: Congratulations to @NewsfeedLDN with @Goodbroadcast_, and @Unicef_uk, @TripleSSports, and @ITV, for winning the Not-For-Profit
Tweet : Nov 13th 2018 15:11
#ContagiousStorytelling brands are leading the comms industry, breaking, creating & telling stories in the most captivating ways - so we're hosting a contagious storytelling event to launch #GRNorth with #TheBBC, #TheSun & #PrivateEye 28/11. Book now
Tweet : Nov 13th 2018 13:16
Nominated for three awards at tonight's PRCA National Awards @PRCA_UK @PRCA_Awards Fingers crossed for the win! #nominated #awardwinning #hopefully
Tweet : Nov 12th 2018 16:53
Proud to be working alongside @Se_Railway & @Remembered2018 to commemorate the centenary anniversary of the end of WWI. Silhouettes of Tommies projected on UK landmarks @Remembered2018 & a WWI high speed history lesson aboard the 'Poppy Train' #lestweforget #100yearsago #cl
Tweet : Nov 8th 2018 17:37
We’re sharing some ginspiration ???? with the #lidlhouseofhortus at the #chimeshowcase @chime_group #cl
Tweet : Nov 8th 2018 09:32
We’re closing today’s #ThoughtLeadershipProject event with a Q&A: how to get spokespeople spotlight-ready, and make sure their message is heard by the right audiences. Thanks to our speakers @MattMcAllester and @CIM_Exchange for joining us and sharing your insight!
Tweet : Nov 8th 2018 09:10
Two ears one mouth: @CIM_Exchange talks to us about why fostering a conversation and embracing debate is the best route for impactful #ThoughtLeadership
Tweet : Nov 8th 2018 08:50
@MattMcAllester takes to the stage to discuss how to add zing to live events, and boosting their impact through digital collateral #ThoughtLeadershipProject
Tweet : Nov 8th 2018 08:43
How can you activate your advocates and make sure they are stand out, not stand up? @jamesclralph explains at today’s #ThoughtLeadershipProject event
Tweet : Nov 8th 2018 08:32
We’re kicking off the next of our #ThoughtLeadershipProject series with @MattMcAllester and @CIM_Exchange, discussing how to get thought leaders on stage
Tweet : Nov 2nd 2018 12:35
If your #ThoughtLeadership needs some rocket fuel, don't miss this rare opportunity to learn how to go from #WhitePaper to #Spotlight. Thursday 8 Nov @intelligence2 @MattMcAllester @CIM_exchange discuss how thought leaders succeed on stage. Contact
Tweet : Oct 31st 2018 10:07
This week, #TheThoughtLeadershipProject considers the 'challenger narrative'. With so many companies claiming they are a ‘challenger’ and the term becoming something of a catch-all, how do you ensure a #challenger narrative is effective and cuts-through?
Tweet : Oct 29th 2018 12:26
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the launch event for @ProlificNorth Top 50 PR Agencies 2018 tomorrow @AccelerateMCR #GRNorth ????
Tweet : Oct 26th 2018 14:58
Welcome @JoshTWheeler :-) Great new addition to the team for our friends @goodbroadcast_
Tweet : Oct 26th 2018 11:27
Lidl's House of Hortus - a pop-up gin club tour inspired by Lidl's cult favourite gin range. It's been a blast working with the @LidlUK and @CSMLive teams to see this wonderful idea come to fruition. Next stop: Edinburgh and Cardiff! #gin #Lidl #houseofhortus #popupshop
Tweet : Oct 25th 2018 16:24
What do you get when you mix thousands of Autumn leaves, a great artist and a leaf blower? A Mona Leafa masterpiece. Check out our latest work with client B&Q (which might just blow you away)!
Tweet : Oct 24th 2018 17:31
Buzzing that we're a finalist of @TheDrum Social Buzz Awards 2018! Our work with @TrustFordUK on the 'TrustFord For You' campaign is up for Best automotive sector social media strategy / campaign. #finalist #award #content #social #automotive
Tweet : Oct 22nd 2018 12:38
Our shiny new website has arrived, and we're so proud of the result. Check it out - not just once, but a lot. We'll be regularly updating it with great stories and content showcasing our amazing work. It's but a click away - see what you think. #newwebsite
Tweet : Oct 21st 2018 08:44
Our sister agency @NewsfeedLDN is supporting the Invictus Games Foundation down under ????????@WeAreInvictus. #GameOnDownUnder #InvictusGames2018
Tweet : Oct 21st 2018 08:37
RT @NewsfeedLDN: It’s official @NewsfeedLDN are in Sydney supporting @WeAreInvictus as the #InvictusGames is about to get underway. Incredi
Tweet : Oct 17th 2018 11:21
We've won at the industry Oscars; the PRWeek Awards, for our work with Nationwide on the Arthur Webb Challenge Cup and There But Not There with @Remembered2018! #prweekawards #awardwinning #internalcommunications #employeeengagement #notforprofit
Tweet : Oct 16th 2018 22:34
????We’ve only gone and done it????We’ve won a @PRWeekAwards for the Arthur Webb Challenge Cup with Nationwide!!!???? #PROUD #InternalCommunications #EmployeeEngagement #AwardWinning
Tweet : Oct 16th 2018 22:26
Highly commended for #ThereButNotThere in the Not-For-Profit category @PRWeekAwards with @Remembered2018. Brilliant result for the Good Relations Group! ????????@NewsfeedLDN @goodbroadcast_
Tweet : Oct 16th 2018 22:07
RT @PRWeekAwards: The Award for Internal Communications and Employee Engagement at the #PRWeekAwards goes to the Arthur Webb Challenge Cup
Tweet : Oct 16th 2018 15:15
So excited for the @prweekawards tonight. We're up for three. Three leaf clovers are lucky too, right?
Tweet : Oct 15th 2018 09:55
Does a shot of adrenaline instead of your morning coffee set you up for a day of enhanced energy, focus, and productivity? Have a read of how @Lendleaseuk are boosting worker's productivity in the new Olympic Park in @CityAM #cl
Tweet : Oct 11th 2018 12:55
#TheThoughtLeadershipProject returns on Thursday 8th November. We're talking #channels, speaking up, & taking your #ThoughtLeadership to the stage. Joined by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist @MattMcAllester @intelligence2 & @CIM_Exchange. Reserve w/
Tweet : Oct 11th 2018 12:36
Is there life on Mars? ???????? We’re taking some lucky people to find out with the Mars Rovers at @AirbusSpace ...Watch this space! (????) #client

Subway® - #WrapStars
Public relations (PR)
Subway® pits rap artists against each other in (w)rap battle to launch new Wrap product
Sep 17th 2018 12:07:58
Remembered - There But Not There
There But Not There
Public relations (PR)
A nationwide installation to commemorate the end of WWI, raising £1m in 24 hours after launching.
Apr 30th 2018 12:24:18
Royal Albert Hall - Driving ticket sales for the Star Trek in Concert series
Royal Albert Hall
(Royal Albert Hall)
Driving ticket sales for the Star Trek in Concert series
Public relations (PR)
Star Trek fans can score free tickets to concerts by booking tickets in Klingon - tlhIngan Hol!

Apr 3rd 2018 12:55:39

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