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Core disciplines: Integrated marketing, Promotional marketing, Shopper Marketing


Tweet : Mar 22nd 2018 13:55
RT @Tribe__Global: Chris from guest agency @howellpenny talking about #shopper #marketing! #TGPrague #EuropeanMeeting #TribeGlobal https://
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2018 13:14
We enjoyed presenting our #shopperexperience creds to @Tribe__Global in Prague today.
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2018 13:01
Interesting to see the increase in sugar free drink ranges in store. No surprise as the sugar levy kicks in next month.
Tweet : Mar 21st 2018 15:25
1/3rd of UK adults are more likely to buy a product if it has an on-pack promotion according to new research by Sodexo Engage
Tweet : Mar 15th 2018 17:39
A brilliant and unexpected use of VR by @GuinessIreland
Tweet : Mar 11th 2018 10:45
Happy Mother's Day - a chance to review some great campaigns
Tweet : Mar 8th 2018 15:08
We love this! Scanning real cookies to earn points and win prizes
Tweet : Mar 8th 2018 09:26
Tweet : Mar 7th 2018 20:23
New Spring newsletter for DENS, copywriting by Howell Penny
Tweet : Mar 7th 2018 20:22
RT @DENSinDacorum: Check out our Spring Newsletter!
Tweet : Mar 5th 2018 13:01
Great fun working with the Talent management team from to create their High Quality Hiring videos
Tweet : Feb 26th 2018 11:07
Working with VR and AR to bring #shopperexperience to life
Tweet : Feb 21st 2018 16:33
New banners for our client @DENSinDacorum designed by Howell Penny #15yearsofcaring #helpingrebuildlives
Tweet : Feb 21st 2018 12:25
Our client @RoyalVolService are promoting reusable cups with their 'Thanks a Latte' campaign
Tweet : Feb 20th 2018 11:18
New shop front @HowellPenny #shopperexperience
Tweet : Feb 19th 2018 15:22
We love this campaign. @GordonsGinUK turning train delays into an opportunity for a drink.
Tweet : Feb 15th 2018 11:56
Congratulations to our client @gristwood_toms
Tweet : Jan 25th 2018 11:15
Great review for Freya Woodsmoke. Have you got yours yet?
Tweet : Jan 24th 2018 16:32
Congratulations to our client The Gap Partnership
Tweet : Jan 10th 2018 15:53
It's the year to talk to someone who really understands your marketing needs. Make it a Howell Penny 2018.
Tweet : Dec 21st 2017 17:05
The only treat you'll want in your stocking this year, designed and created by Howell Penny @Freya_Spirit
Tweet : Dec 15th 2017 20:01
Delighted to have helped @DENSinDacorum with their Xmas email
Tweet : Dec 15th 2017 19:59
RT @DENSinDacorum: Our Christmas Update has been emailed out, and you can also read by clicking the link below. We didn't have space to th
Tweet : Dec 14th 2017 21:47
RT @davinatorbass89: @howellpenny just seen your advert at Berkhamstead train station ingenious.
Tweet : Dec 7th 2017 16:16
We're delighted to be working with @DENSinDacorum helping homeless people and those facing poverty in our local area.
Tweet : Nov 16th 2017 19:26
RT @gristwood_toms: Thank you @howellpenny for all your amazing work on our stand design! The chocolate acorns went down a treat. https://t
Tweet : Nov 14th 2017 14:16
Great to see @gristwood_toms new stand at Futurescape today. Stand concepts and design by Howell Penny.
Tweet : Nov 3rd 2017 11:55
RT @thecurvegroup: Fantastic News! We've just been awarded Most Innovative Company of the Year at Recruitment International Awards 2017! #R
Tweet : Oct 23rd 2017 09:10
Check out what happened at the Freya Cocktail Competition
Tweet : Oct 20th 2017 19:03
RT @Freya_Spirit: Try your hand at mixology and shake up a Freya Martini at the Wild Martini Cocktail Class at @eatonsquarebar next Wednesd

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