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Tweet : Today about 9 hours ago
RT @AndroidDev: Meet Jaehyung Daniel Lee, scuba diver, co-founder and CEO of EMPO, a trading app for mobile data which would otherwise go w
Tweet : Today about 9 hours ago
RT @AndroidDev: That's a wrap! ???????????? Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate 10 years of Android! All of the #AndroidDevSummit session
Tweet : Nov 14th 2018 18:37
Oh yeah, there it is. Our latest print campaign for YouTube wrapping itself nicely around today's issue of The Evening Standard.
Tweet : Nov 13th 2018 10:50
Explore the depths of the South Korean ocean in our latest #IMakeApps film:
Tweet : Nov 9th 2018 13:45
To help celebrate 10 years of Android, we created a special illustration filled with references to the first decade. Everything from OS names to the tiniest details that even the most hardcore fan might miss. 100 internet points for everyone you spot.
Tweet : Sep 11th 2018 11:40
Wandering through neon lit Swedish forests for the latest chapter in our #IMakeApps campaign —>
Tweet : Sep 10th 2018 16:14
Great opportunity -
Tweet : Aug 28th 2018 11:03
Do you love travelling the world and filming? Well we're hiring a full time Shooting Director to do just that. Send us your work through to
Tweet : Aug 22nd 2018 11:19
@Iraville_de These are great!
Tweet : Aug 21st 2018 16:49
Red Bull revisiting a series we made for them earlier this year. If you're looking for some triathlon tips, this is the one for you ->
Tweet : Aug 16th 2018 15:45
Shoutout to our events team who’ve been shortlisted for 3 @Campaignmag @EventAwards for Google Playtime 2017 ???????????? Check it in full, including all the custom pieces we built, on our site -
Tweet : Aug 16th 2018 13:13
RT @i_D: stormzy is launching a cambridge university scholarship for black students
Tweet : Aug 15th 2018 17:01
RT @residentadvisor: The final FABRICLIVE mix ????
Tweet : Aug 14th 2018 17:19
RT @freeflysystems: Does this remind anyone else of trying to make a perfect circle with your compass in the 5th grade? 360º FTW. @peacem
Tweet : Aug 14th 2018 10:39
RT @ace_national: Got an idea for an arts and culture project or activity? Get some #NationalLottery funding for it through Project Grants
Tweet : Aug 13th 2018 10:17
RT @evankirstel: ???? ???? Dude! > #Brazil's Rodrigo Koxa sets record for biggest wave ever surfed #SundayMorning #surfer
Tweet : Aug 10th 2018 17:25
Ok then. This looks really good.
Tweet : Aug 9th 2018 12:17
RT @ChrisRRegan: Finally going to watch “2001,” the way Kubrick intended.
Tweet : Aug 8th 2018 17:26
RT @tomdiciccomusic: I see what you did there eBay.
Tweet : Aug 6th 2018 18:28
RT @stefstivala: Neat: Selective sampling = Analogue Pixel Art
Tweet : Aug 6th 2018 18:24
Some amazing new features in this one ->
Tweet : Aug 6th 2018 18:22
RT @tylerthecreator: GQ - MATTHIEU VENOT
Tweet : Aug 1st 2018 11:58
RT @OscarTheGrouch: nope.
Tweet : Aug 1st 2018 11:33
RT @BAFTA: Only three more days until we open our doors for our #FemaleFirsts open weekend! Make sure you get your tickets ASAP and join us
Tweet : Jul 31st 2018 11:51
Very interesting read ->
Tweet : Jul 30th 2018 16:41
Nepal is as incredible to explore as everyone says it is.
Tweet : Jul 30th 2018 12:22
RT @Film4: Happy birthday to Christopher Nolan! ???? Here he is, talking about rewiring the three-act structure for Dunkirk.
Tweet : Jul 30th 2018 11:04
RT @fchollet: Painting outside the box with deep learning:
Tweet : Jul 30th 2018 10:23
Great way to start Monday off.
Tweet : Jul 27th 2018 11:12
ICYMI - One of the films we made as part of our #IMakeApps campaign for #Andriod.

Google Play - Google I/O 2018
Google Play
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Google I/O 2018
Advertising/Creative, Branded content
Our film opened the main Google Play talk on the big stage at I/O ’18, Google’s biggest conference.
May 11th 2018 11:19:57

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