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Our @jimbowes and @WeAreAdam's @Milnsy14 are shredding their way to washboard glory to fundraise for @CR_UK. Support their ab-fab efforts by donating: #6PackChallenge
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We helped @UNICEF_uk communicate their powerful brand story through animated video:
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RT @AgencyRegister: For 40 - 99 Staff - Strategic Thinking the shortlist is @houseofkaizen, @manifestolondon, @LabDigitalUK, @Oakwood_Agenc
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#GDPR lands in the UK this week. @jimbowes says it's an opportunity for brands to accelerate digital transformation & win back vital trust:
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RT @alexa_stop: ???? EP14: Revisiting the world of AI with a musical twist courtesy of our studio guest @Lydia_Gregory, co-founder of @FeedFor
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See our case study for Genesis Housing Association on @creativebrief -
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Learn all about #Drupal's Plugin API with this example-packed tutorial from @gambry:
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We helped @childrensociety tell hard truths through bold digital #design:
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While #AI may be accomplished at performing repetitive tasks, its ability to think creatively and create #marketing with emotional resonance is still in the future:
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See our case study for English-Speaking Union on @creativebrief -
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Join the London #Drupal User Group on Tuesday for the second revamped Drupal Show & Tell event:
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From the archive: discover the power of user story mapping, with @jimbowes
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Ep13 of @alexa_stop features Jim and Rob's talk on the #DigitalRenaissance from #SXSW. Check it out on iTunes:
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#GoogleMaps API pricing changes: what do they mean?
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Join @rich_in_name on Thu 14 Jun for another deep dive into crafting #UX that puts people first:
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We helped @theESU celebrate 100 years of equipping young people with oracy skills. Their new website is driving change across the organisation:
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#GDPR, which comes into force in the UK in just nine days, is an opportunity for businesses to boost trust with consumers:
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Services and #microservices - what are they and what's the difference? by @davidcarboni
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RT @CharityDigiNews: Educational charity and membership organisation @theESU is celebrating its upcoming 100th anniversary with the launch
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#GoogleMaps API pricing is changing in a big way. Here's a quick walk through:
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We're hiring a full-time Project Manager - come join our rapidly-growing agency and help awesome orgs bring about positive change:
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Want to learn more about #Drupal's Plugin API? Here's @gambry with an introduction by way of examples:
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We helped @LoveCamden put the borough's culture in the spotlight with a new brand and website: #branding #design
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Our @jimbowes & @WeAreAdam's @Milnsy14 are dropping the flab and getting ab fab for @CR_UK. Lend your support here #6PackChallenge
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Show us what you've been building with #drupal on Tues 22 May:
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Super-fast #5G networks will drive innovation, but when will they arrive? #Industry40
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Join us on Thu 14th June for another UX Unwrapped session, and learn from @rich_in_name how to craft value-creating user experiences:
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We're hiring! Join us as a full-time Project Manager and help exceptional organisations bring about positive change:
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#AI will free up creatives and drive hyper-personalisation to improve the conversation with consumers, says @jimbowes:
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Reuse that code across multiple #drupal projects with the Plugin API. @gambry shows you how:
News : Oct 18th 2017 by Gemma Reeve
We're thrilled to have won an Acquia Engage Award! Showcasing the personalised content of the Parkinson's UK We Won't Wait campaign.
News : Oct 11th 2017 by Gemma Reeve
We’ve won the People’s Lovie Award, and a Silver Lovie Award for the Best Home/Welcome Page for the Unicef UK website!
News : Sep 27th 2017 by Gemma Reeve
After just 5 years in business, we’re delighted to announce that Manifesto is ranked in Econsultancy’s 2017 Top 100 Digital Agencies Report.

Unicef UK - Soccer Aid
Unicef UK
(Unicef UK)
Soccer Aid
A website to promote sport stars and celebrities taking part in a life-changing game of football.
Apr 13th 2018 11:46:40
Genesis Housing Association - Improved digital experience for London's residents
Genesis Housing Association
(Genesis Housing Association)
Improved digital experience for London's residents
Digital, Innovation/NPD/Service Design
The new Genesis Housing Association website features an innovative new conversational interface.
Nov 27th 2017 10:38:19
National Trust - National Trust Holiday Cottages website
National Trust
(National Trust)
National Trust Holiday Cottages website
Digital, Innovation/NPD/Service Design
Re-designed to create a simple and intelligent ecommerce journey that better meets customers’ needs.
Aug 22nd 2017 14:51:25

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