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News : Oct 24th 2017 by Gayle Jones
Our campaign for ERS 'Insuring the wildest wheels at Gumball' has been shortlisted for Best B2B Strategy/Marketing Campaign of the year
Tweet : Sep 4th 2017 12:27
Brighten up your Monday with the latest Tech, AI and generally interesting news #ai #tech #news #daily
Tweet : Aug 16th 2017 12:40
Happy Hump Day! Here are some fun tech / AI updates to get you through the day #humpday #news #AI
Tweet : Aug 14th 2017 12:26
It's another week - and another round up of tech, AI and generally interesting news!
Tweet : Jul 31st 2017 11:15
Check out some of the top stories in tech and AI -
Tweet : Jul 25th 2017 14:29
Here's our latest update on Tech, AI and generally interesting stuff!
Tweet : Jul 21st 2017 11:48
Check out this week's round up of tech news and generally interesting stuff!
Tweet : Jul 18th 2017 11:02
Want regular updates on the world of tech, AI & generally interesting stuff? Look no further...
Tweet : Jul 16th 2017 18:35
Such exciting work - and the chance to make real change ????
Tweet : Jul 14th 2017 14:31
Happy Friday! Check out some interesting reads for the weekend here -
Tweet : Jul 13th 2017 17:21
Read some of our #ThursdayThoughts n today's newsletter
Tweet : Jul 13th 2017 16:27
We've joined @creativebrief - check out our profile for Branded Content, Corporate Comms, PR and Sponsorship! #wewearmanyhats
Tweet : Jul 12th 2017 17:04
One of our fave bots has had bot babies! DoNotPay launches 1000 new legal bots! @jbrowder1 #bot #AI #goodwork
Tweet : Jul 12th 2017 11:36
Find out our key picks for today's tech & AI news
Tweet : Jul 11th 2017 12:05
Buzzword galore: peer to peer energy sharing via #blockchain. Doing something right though - @ConjouleEnergy has just got €4.5m in funding.
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 15:05
Why movies like #babydriver are saving the movie soundtrack
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 15:05
How do you prepare to run an on-demand service when you can't tell how people are going to act?
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 15:04
Non-profits are leading the way with #AI - and there's a new toy that can teach you to #code -
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 15:03
#Tattoos get a #makeover - from semi-permanent tattoos, to tattoos that act as wearables
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 15:01
It's been a weird week. People are hacking vibrators. Read more -
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 15:00
Here at Transatlantic we like our data privacy - but here's an example of how it can save lives in disasters-
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 14:59
It's supposed to be all about brands having one clear tone of voice - but here's why that's failing on the internet.
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 14:58
Introducing #Bot #Dylan - and why Canada has said no to blockchain - here's Tuesday's update on #tech
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 14:57
Read about why #wearables suck at tracking calories, and how tech is saving lives -
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 14:55
Insurance gets a #millennial make-over, and you might never have to go to the opticians again -
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 14:53
Want to know what's happening in the worlds of #tech #AI and #interestingstuff ? Look no further -
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 14:52
#Dubai has its own font, #UberEats launches in India, and drones that fought wars are now fighting #climatechange :
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 14:50
Today's newsletter covers the tech giants first quarter numbers - and a beautiful social experiment from #Reddit
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 14:49
David Hasselhoff, #AI, Instagram hits 700m users and our robot over-lords. You know you want to read it -
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 14:48
Today's newsletter covers why L'Oreal is all in on AI, and why Dubai wants to be built on Blockchain.
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 14:47
It's Monday - and that means more tech news for you! Read on -

Microsoft - Microsoft x Shondaland
Microsoft x Shondaland
Branded content, Digital
Transatlantic bring Microsoft together with Shonda Rhimes' new digital platform,
Feb 14th 2018 22:08:35
Skype - Skype x Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Skype x Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Branded content, Digital
Star Wars: The Last Jedi” face masks and emoticons take Skype by storm
Dec 5th 2017 20:42:15

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