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Tweet : Nov 14th 2018 19:41
Mobile shopping will dominate this holiday season accounting for 68% of all eCommerce visits, and 46% of all orders. The increase could be due to the implementation of mobile technology that is facilitating the way consumers search and shop on mobile pho
Tweet : Nov 9th 2018 20:41
Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba is rolling out their “New manufacturing” strategy, helping companies create innovations and marketing them on their site. So far, they have helped Mars create a spicy Snickers bar, based on shopper search habits of spi
Tweet : Nov 7th 2018 17:41
Black Friday has become an indispensable part of the year for both shoppers and retailers. As consumers are bombarded with numerous deals on social media and email, it’s become a challenge for brands and retailers to stand above the noise and promote the
Tweet : Nov 2nd 2018 17:42
Microchip manufacturer Qualcomm has teamed up with Amazon to put the voice assistant Alexa into more wireless headphones. Their newly developed chips will make it easy and cost effective for headphone brands to integrate Alexa into their products, allowi
Tweet : Oct 31st 2018 18:41
Halloween marks the unofficial start of the holiday season quickly followed by numerous eCommerce opportunities including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and NYE. Strong sales over Halloween offers brands an opportunity to kick-start their holiday
Tweet : Oct 26th 2018 16:41
The new retail concept Fourpost is helping popular and emerging pure e-commerce brands entering the physical retail world. It will open microstores across a number of US malls, offering digital sellers the opportunity to open up a brick-and-mortar store
Tweet : Oct 24th 2018 18:41
Despite online sales growth in recent years, alcohol remains one of the lesser shopped categories in eCommerce. The recent uptick in personal data regulations is making it harder for brands to glean on and collect valuable consumer data, traditionally us
Tweet : Oct 19th 2018 17:41
The world’s first flat wine bottle is here. Garconwines has launched the flat, plastic wine bottle to solve a big issue with home delivery – wine bottles not fitting through the narrow slot in the front door or mailbox. It holds the same amount of wine a
Tweet : Oct 17th 2018 17:41
Amazon is taking its live plant delivery service to a new level. The online retailer has announced that as of November this year, Prime members will be able to buy real Christmas trees - up to 7 foot in size - and have them delivered to their doorsteps,
Tweet : Oct 12th 2018 18:41
A message to my younger self: You’re #prettydetermined. Your dad took this picture of you and your big sister Mags at the top a mountain in Wicklow. You’re around 7 and have just reached the summit – that was pretty cool. Your dad encouraged you to be
Tweet : Oct 12th 2018 14:39
RT @TBWALONDON: 80% of 10 Year olds have been on a diet... Amazing work from @Integer_London on their #theprettyconversation to support you
Tweet : Oct 12th 2018 14:37
RT @TBWA: “It is our responsibility to teach girls, starting at a much younger age, that self-worth, potential & confidence are all so much
Tweet : Oct 12th 2018 13:41
For Chinese Valentine’s Day, Burberry created a mini-game within WeChat. Couples could answer a quiz around different types of relationships and upon completing it, were given exclusive access to the brand’s latest collection of valentine’s inspired fash
Tweet : Oct 11th 2018 21:09
Tweet : Oct 11th 2018 21:07
RT @Adweek: For International Day of the Girl, agency @IntegerGroup created a children’s book redefining ‘pretty’:
Tweet : Oct 11th 2018 21:06
RT @TBWA: The pressure to be "pretty" starts young. But what does that really mean? Today the @IntegerGroup launches Pretty, a new children
Tweet : Oct 11th 2018 20:41
Matilda - you are #prettyamazing - please remember that, and also remember that you’ll spend longer as an adult making your own decisions than you will have as a child being told what to do and how to fit in. Prepare to fly high. The world is yours. -Dad
Tweet : Oct 11th 2018 12:41
Teaching young girls their worth is crucial. By writing this letter to my younger self, I’m supporting Pretty. A picture book that redefines what pretty means... . . Hey spud  When you shouted ‘I’m not beautiful I’m gorgeous’ everyone laughed. It was
Tweet : Oct 11th 2018 12:41
Teaching young girls their worth is crucial. By writing this letter to my younger self, I’m supporting Pretty. A picture book that redefines what pretty means... . . Dear young Natasha, You’d rather eat desert and skip your main, you like to sneak in the
Tweet : Oct 11th 2018 06:03
RT @RedFoxBandit: Right all you kick ass girls. Today is #InternationalDayoftheGirl And I want YOU to join me in changing the conversatio
Tweet : Oct 10th 2018 11:41
Teaching young girls their worth is crucial. By writing this letter to my younger self, I’m supporting Pretty. A picture book that redefines what pretty means. If you want to share this with little girls in your life, you can purchase the book online - l
Tweet : Oct 10th 2018 10:41
Teaching young girls their worth is crucial. We want you to join us in writing a letter to our younger self. By doing this, we’re supporting pretty - a picture book that redefines what pretty means. If you want to share this with little girls in your li
Tweet : Oct 5th 2018 15:41
To tackle plastic waste, Carlsberg has replaced the familiar plastic pack rings with glue. Rolled out in Tesco stores across the UK, Carlsberg beer cans will be held together by small drops of glue, designed to withstand temperature changes and recyclabl
Tweet : Oct 3rd 2018 16:42
When the Champions league trophy pays a visit ???????? #uefa #championsleague #football #donttouchthetrophy #rules #wearethechampions
Tweet : Sep 28th 2018 21:41
Couple beers after a job well done! Happy Friday everyone! #agencylife #integerfun
Tweet : Sep 28th 2018 12:41
Snap has announced to test a new feature allowing users to buy whatever they come across during their day. By pointing your Snap camera on any product or barcode, a pop-up window will show the item or similar items as they are available on Amazon. With o
Tweet : Sep 21st 2018 19:41
Supermarket giant Tesco has launched Jack’s in the UK, a sub-brand designed to go head-to-head with the increasingly powerful discounters. With a focus on British produce and own label products, Jack’s is an attempt to stem the flow of shoppers to Aldi a
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 16:41
By not fully embracing eCommerce, luxury fashion brands might be missing key engagement opportunities with an entire market segment. Millennials and Gen Zs are driving luxury sales growth and will account for more than 40% of the overall luxury goods mar
Tweet : Sep 13th 2018 11:41
As more and more people shop on their mobile device, brands have had to adapt the way their content is presented to suit smaller screens. It's not only harder to see product detail descriptions on mobile, but it's also much harder to navigate. . . People
Tweet : Sep 12th 2018 17:41
Great chat this morning with ASDA’s Andy Murray around ‘What’s Happening in Retail’. Thanks to our partners at AMV/BBDO for hosting! and we got to meet #normanthegnome ???? #asda #integer #amvbbdo #bbdo

Optimum Nutrition - Gold Standard Zone
Optimum Nutrition
Gold Standard Zone
Brand Activation
Becoming your best, starts when you stop - highlighting the importance of protein after training.
Mar 1st 2018 14:30:34
Optimum Nutrition - The Gold Standard Zone
Optimum Nutrition
The Gold Standard Zone
Brand Activation, Shopper Marketing
Being in the Gold Standard Zone with athletes performing at the highest level with Optimum Nutrition
Oct 2nd 2017 16:29:35
Sharp's Brewery - There's an Adventure Brewing
Sharp's Brewery
(Molson Coors)
There's an Adventure Brewing
Integrated marketing
Sharp's Brewery and Nathan Outlaw treat beer lovers to a unique Michelin Star meal in Cornwall.
Jul 25th 2017 13:32:34

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