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#thegutstuff website is now LIVE ???????????????????????? Well done @TheGutStuff - now check it out!
Tweet : Sep 22nd 2017 10:37
Thanks for the feature @himassimo! @DianaAward
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 18:42
Tonight we are hosting the #WorkingGirls networking event @jkrGlobal Time to meet, greet and get #inspired
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@whitogreen @whitogreen love it!
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@blackthiscom @bnconf @blackthiscon what a compliment! Glad you enjoyed ????????
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Who saw our Global ECD #toshhall talking about letting go @bnconf ?
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Getting ready for #toshhall to talk at #BNFConf. 10:15 CDT. Be there!
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A lot to celebrate at JKR today ???? 5 Clio wins at the 2017 @ClioAwards for our work on #Budweiser & #Hippeas ???? 4 Gold & 1 Bronze #ClioAwards
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@uglyhugh @nyjets @buffalobills @budlight Thanks! @uglyhugh
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It's almost game time ???? @nyjets vs. @buffalobills ???? Check out our latest creation for #BudLight
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We have a lot of love for @Crayola This week, we chat to @Adweek about the brand renewing its relevance #JKRNYC
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@leescott_design Thanks @leescott_design!
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Completely normal @mattrumbelow91 We have been known to sneak in at night and rearrange the boxes. Don't tell anyone.
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Here's what the team @ucllc had to say about our new identity for @DianaAward #underconsideration
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We're making an appearance in the @ComputerArts #DesignAnnual - celebration time!
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Great piece in @MarketingWeekEd today by @DianaAward CEO Tessy Ojo on The Diana Award rebrand...
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Delighted to share our new identity for @DianaAward Here's the story behind the work... #DianaAward #JKRFoundation
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RT @DianaAward: We're thrilled to share our refreshed identity and the story behind it @jkrGlobal
Tweet : Aug 24th 2017 18:25
RT @DianaAward: The incredible team @jkrGlobal have helped us to create a distinctive & cohesive visual identity across all our programmes
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What a journey we've been on with @hippeas_snacks - read all about how the brand was built with @CreativeReview @liviobisterzo @jkrGlobal
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Here's to @nicktubechannel for his AMAZING achievements that were celebrated with The Diana Legacy Award @DianaAward. Well done!!
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Our Strategy Director @katieewer is on #RetailSafari again... this time exploring Japanese brand Daiso
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It's summer time, it's Budweiser time...
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Are UK politicians devoid of #charisma? We did some research with YouGov to find out...
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Fancy a job @jkrGlobal? Well we're #hiring! Take a look at our latest vacancies across our 4 studios:
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How different would the general election have been if #charisma was present?!
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And we're in full swing! Portfolios are out, burgers are cooking - it's #Showmeyours time!
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Jump out of bed, grab your portfolio and get your skates on. It’s time for #showmeyours
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The clock is ticking down. The beers are chilling out. The portfolios are hotting up. 24 hours until #showmeyours
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Hey you, graduate creative. Yes you. It’s time for beers, burgers & portfolios. It’s time to #showmeyours Sign-up:

The Diana Award - Redefining a Legacy
The Diana Award
(The Diana Award)
Redefining a Legacy
Branding / design
Creating a new identity for The Diana Award.
Aug 25th 2017 10:07:55
Jura - Jura 10
(Whyte and Mackay)
Jura 10
Branding / design
New design marks launch of Jura into US market.
May 18th 2017 13:41:50
Heinz Beanz - Beanz Meanz Heinz 50th Anniversary
Heinz Beanz
(Kraft Heinz)
Beanz Meanz Heinz 50th Anniversary
Branding / design
Branding, limited edition packaging, pop-up cafe & window display in Selfridges for Heinz Beanz.
Apr 7th 2017 08:54:28
Butterfly Twists - Never Stick, Twist
Butterfly Twists
(Butterfly Twists Ltd)
Never Stick, Twist
Branding / design
A new identity for fashion brand Butterfly Twists to capture its bold sense of energy and movement.
Apr 5th 2017 10:34:09

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