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Tweet : Today about 4 hours ago
The rivalry continues! Check out our latest blog by @jmortimer87 as Facebook take inspiration from Snapchat, again!
Tweet : Mar 28th 2017 17:03
Couldn't make it to #AWEurope? Don't panic! Our Chairman @GuyPhillipson has the low-down for you on @TheDrum
Tweet : Mar 28th 2017 11:32
Chairman @GuyPhillipson is inspired by @ShopDirect CEO, Alex Baldock who ‘bets his house’ at Ad Week Europe.
Tweet : Mar 20th 2017 19:42
We loved catching @Snap's Claire Valoti & @HearstUK's Farrah Storr closing Day 1 at #AWEurope today. Brands who are authentic win.
Tweet : Mar 20th 2017 16:25
Check out our SEO Analyst, @SamuelMng, in this week's Vox Pops from The Drum
Tweet : Mar 20th 2017 11:32
When you're too busy to get to @Adweek you bring #AdWeekEurope to you. Building brands in an attention economy with @keithweed @Google
Tweet : Mar 17th 2017 15:27
RT @TweetGeorgeTG: I had such an amazing day talking with @icrossing_uk @iCrossing about YouTubers and how to grow my channel. Thanks guys!
Tweet : Mar 17th 2017 15:27
@AgencyRegister how can we access the archived photo's from RAR Awards? Can't seem to find the link on the new site?
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 18:56
ICYMI our 'total people' session @talent2017 Catch @louisejcotton @iremonger recapping their key takeaways soon on @WiredSussex #t17skills
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 12:12
iCrossing's 'total people' approach; recruit, engage, retain and reward. Great to be speaking @Talent2017 today.
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 12:10
RT @WiredSussex: @icrossing_uk describe themselves as 'a markeing agency for the modern world' They have a number of voices and channels #t
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 12:09
RT @WiredSussex: Great results from the @icrossing_uk staff survey! Congratulations. #t17skills
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 12:08
RT @always_possible: Excellent speakers at @Talent2017 - @miggle @clearleft and @icrossing_uk to just mention a few!
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 11:18
RT @WiredSussex: We're delighted to have headline sponsors @icrossing_uk @iremonger @louisejcotton talking about old dogs & young guns #t17
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 09:37
RT @iknowthewords: Nice to have met @icrossing_uk (and their excellent biscuits) at #T17Jobs today! Great to hear about end-to-end content
Tweet : Mar 15th 2017 11:47
Proud to be sponsoring @Talent2017 and meeting some of Brighton's freshest talent at todays Job fair. Come see us for some tasty treats!
Tweet : Mar 13th 2017 15:18
RT @TheDrumNetwork: Making the man-child matter: How Cap’n Crunch found its real audience @iCrossing_UK via @thedrum
Tweet : Mar 13th 2017 12:25
RT @WiredSussex: Big thanks to @icrossing_uk for being the headline sponsor @talent2017 & sharing your insights on engaging w/ talent https
Tweet : Mar 13th 2017 10:53
#ICYMI @GuyPhillipson on his 'stand-out' presentation @iCrossing client summit, from the @RealCapnCrunch team.
Tweet : Mar 13th 2017 10:13
RT @Hearst: .@icrossing_uk’s Louise Cotton discusses managing employee talent with @WiredSussex.
Tweet : Mar 10th 2017 17:12
Chairman @GuyPhillipson on his 'stand-out' presentation at @iCrossing client summit, from the @RealCapnCrunch team.
Tweet : Mar 10th 2017 17:09
RT @TheDrumNetwork: Making the man-child matter: How Cap’n Crunch found its real audience via @thedrum @iCrossing_UK
Tweet : Mar 10th 2017 12:53
Ahead of @Talent2017 our HR Director talks about how we're currently engaging with the young talent @icrossing_uk
Tweet : Mar 10th 2017 12:42
RT @WowGrass: One of the highlights @MWL2017 was the talk from @iremonger of @icrossing_uk on brand performance #marketing in a modern worl
Tweet : Mar 10th 2017 12:42
@WowGrass @MWL2017 @iremonger We're glad you enjoyed the talk! Let us know if you'd like to arrange a further chat over some nice coffee...
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 11:17
RT @iremonger: A great audience at #MWL17. Thought provoking stuff.
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 11:17
RT @GuyPhillipson: The Customer touch points in 21 boxes! Nice presentation on Performance mktg in a consumer to brand world by @iremonger
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 10:29
FFS! Is #marketing failing #financial services? Find our more as our chief media officer talks to @thedrum in their latest finance issue.
Tweet : Mar 8th 2017 14:47
The opportunity to improve marketing behaviour is huge. Contracts drive behaviour says @iremonger @MWL2017 #MWL17
Tweet : Mar 8th 2017 14:42
Every touch point should influence future ones says @iremonger at #MWL17 #mwl #MWLive

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