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Tweet : May 26th 2017 08:30
RT @TheSearchAwards: ‘SEO - Best Consumer Products/Services Campaign’ next and it's a huge congrats to @iCrossing_UK! #DrumSearch https://t
Tweet : May 26th 2017 08:30
RT @TheSearchAwards: ‘SEO - Best B2C Campaign’ goes to @iCrossing_UK - well done! #DrumSearch
Tweet : May 25th 2017 22:08
First win of the night @TheSearchAwards for best SEO strategy for @Loreal #winning #drumsearch
Tweet : May 25th 2017 21:51
We're here @TheSearchAwards with @VirginExp @Loreal keeping everything crossed for some wins! #drumsearch #searchawards wish us luck ????????
Tweet : May 24th 2017 12:28
Following our Data Matters event in partnership with @Google, Strategy Director, @AllysonGriffz shares key takeaways
Tweet : May 19th 2017 12:34
RT @AgencyRegister: Well done @Intermarketing @biggrouplondon @Fatmedia @icrossing_uk @JellyfishAgency you are finalists for On Budget 100+
Tweet : May 19th 2017 12:28
RT @AgencyRegister: The finalists are @JellyfishAgency, @icrossing_uk, @Forward3D, @Periscopix, @26digital, @WMGagency, @IngenuityDigi and
Tweet : May 19th 2017 12:27
RT @AgencyRegister: Fantastic work from @icrossing_uk, @icuc_europe and @thehpsgroup. Well done. #RARDigitalAwards
Tweet : May 19th 2017 12:23
WOW! Ending a superb week by finding out we've been shortlisted for 14 @AgencyRegister awards! #RARdigitalawards Thank you to our clients!
Tweet : May 19th 2017 11:30
@jerryokorie Thanks Jerry! Thanks for coming along and glad you enjoyed!
Tweet : May 19th 2017 11:27
Thanks for being an awesome cameraman - we've got some great footage here! ?????
Tweet : May 19th 2017 08:40
RT @mrjestacey: @icrossing_uk and @Hearst working together could unleash a lot of potential for our clients #iCDataMatters17 with Guy Phil
Tweet : May 19th 2017 08:40
Thanks for being an awesome cameraman for us! ????????????
Tweet : May 18th 2017 16:47
By 2020, video will continue to grow but the real challenge is how to produce it at the right cost #iCDataMatters17
Tweet : May 18th 2017 16:42
Duncan says to win in #content, you have to know your audience, and be fast to deliver them the right content #iCDataMatters17
Tweet : May 18th 2017 16:36
Consolidating content data onto 1 platform globally has allowed @Hearst to be agile across markets #iCDataMatters17
Tweet : May 18th 2017 16:32
The best performing content for Cosmo is beauty and health. Experimentation and new trends drive fantastic engagement #iCDataMatters17
Tweet : May 18th 2017 16:30
Cosmopolitan's #Snapchat audience size is now outgrowing Website traffic says Duncan Chater from @hearst #iCDataMatters17
Tweet : May 18th 2017 16:26
.@GuyPhillipson on stage with Duncan Chater from @Hearst talking about data in publishing #iCDataMatters17
Tweet : May 18th 2017 16:23
.@iremonger theorises marketing in a modern world is more focused on data capture, so we're not reliant on data or cookies #iCDataMatters17
Tweet : May 18th 2017 16:15
All #attribution modelling falls down unless you're tracking your #customers cross-device #iCDataMatters17
Tweet : May 18th 2017 16:13
If you have a create account form, you've done the hard bit in creating a single customer view #iCDataMatters17
Tweet : May 18th 2017 16:11
Next up, our Head of Data Sam Vining talking about using it to humanise people #iCDataMatters17
Tweet : May 18th 2017 16:06
Don't have #CRM data? Use your website behaviour to build remarketing lists to find look-a-likes #digitalmarketing #iCDataMatters17
Tweet : May 18th 2017 16:04
What's the goal of data in marketing? It's an investment - making decisions to make a difference #iCDataMatters17
Tweet : May 18th 2017 16:00
Data can come from many places and say many things about someone's attitude or behaviour #marketing #iCDataMatters17
Tweet : May 18th 2017 15:55
Data planning should start with the people we know most about #digitalmarketing #iCDataMatters17
Tweet : May 18th 2017 15:53
Data based #media planning allows us to ask 3 questions: should I show an ad, what should I say, and what should I pay? #iCDataMatters17
Tweet : May 18th 2017 15:51
The question isn't why is #data valuable, it's how do I use it valuably, to get something out of it #iCDataMatters17
Tweet : May 18th 2017 15:49
We welcome our #cmo Alistair Dent to the stage talking about how to use data in planning, right now #iCDataMatters17

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