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Tweet : Feb 16th 2018 15:36
Still feeling the love in the air from Wednesday? If you haven't checked out our dystopian piece on #sexbots, read up here. #tech #TechTaboo #robots #Valentines
Tweet : Feb 16th 2018 10:32
Do you know what the rules are when it comes to #influencers promoting products on #social? Apparently 71% of UK #consumers don’t have a clue
Tweet : Feb 15th 2018 17:01
Our new series #5ketch sees our #designers tackle a last minute #brief. Up first is Junior Designer, Dan, who has just 5 minutes to recreate a film poster! Will the Force be with him?
Tweet : Feb 15th 2018 16:31
Karl Lagerfeld tends to be the #creative genius who steals the show at #FashionWeek, thanks to his innovative creative direction. This year, it’s got to be @Diesel. Take a look at their stunt here:
Tweet : Feb 15th 2018 10:27
14th June is the day we’re all waiting for - yes, the kick-off of the #WorldCup! Take a look at the #creative inspiration behind the new kit and its dynamic #typeface.
Tweet : Feb 14th 2018 16:22
Believe it or not, but researchers from MIT’s Media Lab discovered that #facialrecognition systems showcased error rates when it came to gender and skin colour. Read up here:
Tweet : Feb 14th 2018 10:30
If #Unilever’s threat to pull their ad spend on #socialmedia platforms isn’t a wake up call for controlling #fakenews and nasty culture, then what is?
Tweet : Feb 13th 2018 17:50
Facebook? Or Fakebook? Our latest #TechTaboo piece tracks how the advent of #fakenews has provoked a cultural reckoning for #socialmedia, and what this means for the future of social.
Tweet : Feb 9th 2018 10:00
Our obsession with #smartphones may finally becoming to an end as the global smartphone #market fell by 9%. Find out why: #mobile #tech
Tweet : Feb 8th 2018 17:18
Our Analyst wizard, @piplaw, shows you the magic behind creating a @tableau shape file from an image. Has #data ever been this cool? #howto #analytics #tableau #tutorial
Tweet : Feb 8th 2018 15:00
Papers are putting the power back in #print, by targeting #GenZ. Do you think more youngsters will save Fleet Street? Read up here:
Tweet : Feb 8th 2018 10:00
From making mixtapes to printing photographs, those are just some of the tasks replaced by #tech, that we miss the most. #poll #survey
Tweet : Feb 7th 2018 16:50
Discover how #InstagramStories is helping #brands and their followers to play on their platform for longer. #Instagram #video
Tweet : Feb 7th 2018 10:40
#Snapchat invite you shop at their in-app #SnapStore. But in true Snapchat style, the items are set to ‘disappear’...
Tweet : Feb 6th 2018 17:59
Another day, another VO (that's Voice Over to all you non-studio folk). More film work soon come!
Tweet : Feb 6th 2018 16:30
What was your favourite #SuperBowl #ad this year? Was it @amazon Alexa’s lost voice? Or @tide’s #TideAd?
Tweet : Feb 6th 2018 10:26
Could we be saying bye bye #Bitcoin, now that #banks such as Lloyds have banned customers from buying #cryptocurrencies? #tech #cryptocurrency
Tweet : Feb 2nd 2018 13:32
Do you find #Snapchat the hardest channel to #advertise on? A finding by @Digiday seems to think so
Tweet : Feb 2nd 2018 09:40
#Brands who have tapped into #Pride should be feeling proud as a study found that the public are more than ready for #LGBTQ representations in their #ads. Discover the #infographic here:
Tweet : Feb 1st 2018 17:30
Did you say ‘excusez-moi’ when you watched @OldSpice's ad during the #Grammys? Check out their stunt here:
Tweet : Feb 1st 2018 17:07
#TechTaboo is back with a new feature and this piece dives into the depths of @blackmirror's favourite topic - defying death with the digital afterlife. Have a read: #digitalafterlife #tech #AI
Tweet : Feb 1st 2018 09:35
Diet Coke’s new ad for Sunday’s .@DietCoke's new #ad for Sunday’s #Superbowl is a feel-good watch with lots of cheese. Their new rebrand caters to the #millennial market and these spots sure do fit that vision
Tweet : Jan 31st 2018 17:38
Our clients @CloseCircle_ were invited to speak on @LBCLondonNews yesterday morning. Dom, Head of Risk, talks about how they dealt with last year's London Bridge terror attack below... Listen to the full interview here:
Tweet : Jan 31st 2018 17:30
#Chatbots are about to have some real chat as #Facebook have announced plans to give bots a ‘consistent personality.’ Who knows, they may even be more interesting than humans.
Tweet : Jan 31st 2018 15:00
In light of #StravaGate, do you think that #fitness trackers know way too much about our daily habits? #tech #opinion #data
Tweet : Jan 30th 2018 17:04
RT @CloseCircle_: The team at @LBCLondonNews? kindly invited us into the studio this morning to talk about the @CloseCircle_ service. Our H
Tweet : Jan 29th 2018 17:00
Last Thursday we dived into the depths of what it takes to execute the perfect #product #launch, with tip-top speeches from @JustEatUK's MD and @LoopMe's VP Sales. With cheese, wine and good chatter, it was an event to remember!
Tweet : Jan 29th 2018 16:40
RT @CloseCircle_: Political Upheaval Assessing the consequences of power changes and challenges to sitting governments. Giving you up to th
Tweet : Jan 26th 2018 17:15
We're an agency that tackles product launches and our latest venture sees us diving into the world of family security and travel. Thanks to our talented team of creatives, we're super pleased to share the @closecircle_ launch film with you all.
Tweet : Jan 26th 2018 09:30
What are your thoughts of #Instagram’s new plans to let you see when someone was last active? Is it an invasion of privacy?

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