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Tweet : Mar 21st 2017 13:59
So thrilled to see our work for @KingofShaves reach the finals. What a fun campaign to put together for a truly great company.
Tweet : Mar 21st 2017 13:57
Thrilled to be picked as finalists for the 2017 @DigidayAwards, for our work with @KingofShaves! Check it out at:
Tweet : Mar 17th 2017 09:01
Nice use of a cinemagraph to bring life and simple drama to a static image...
Tweet : Feb 21st 2017 09:19
More crucial than ever to create content specifically for video platforms rather than just repackaging TV spots...
Tweet : Feb 2nd 2017 17:02
RT @KingofShaves: #ShouldveUsedKingOfShaves
Tweet : Feb 2nd 2017 15:46
@KingofShaves #ThereIsAnotherWay
Tweet : Feb 1st 2017 18:15
'king brilliant. Collect them all...!
Tweet : Jan 25th 2017 16:42
I take that back.
Tweet : Jan 25th 2017 16:42
#ToyFair2017 Best toy here, obviously.
Tweet : Jan 25th 2017 12:42
Some crappy toys at this year's #ToyFair2017. In a good way, though...
Tweet : Dec 22nd 2016 14:44
RT @KingofShaves: Seen our new ad pop up on your tellybox yet? Treat your face like royalty this Christmas at #Tr
Tweet : Dec 19th 2016 20:35
RT @iamwilliamking: .@KingofShaves new TV ad airing now by @HOTWOLFltd #KingofShaves
Tweet : Dec 15th 2016 16:05
@iamwilliamking @KingofShaves Wot? We may not be kings of shaving, but we're kings of video...
Tweet : Dec 14th 2016 12:12
The boundaries between YouTube and TV will continue to blur in 2017. Let's hope they play nice!
Tweet : Nov 28th 2016 12:27
New case study of our work for @Kingofshaves on @creativebrief ...
Tweet : Nov 25th 2016 12:17
RT @KingofShaves: Say hello to our new Beard Care range... #TreatYourFace and get yours at
Tweet : Nov 15th 2016 15:52
RT @Ornsack: Dan and I, along with @HOTWOLFltd have been producing this little online series. SUTTIN4THEKIDZ. Have a gander -
Tweet : Nov 15th 2016 14:45
Our new unboxing channel for kids - URCHINZ - is now live and out of this world...
Tweet : Nov 13th 2016 13:41
Such a clever use of video to make a very powerful message. Simple and beautiful. #RemembranceSunday
Tweet : Nov 9th 2016 11:04
RT @KingofShaves: Back on set again for our new #Beard range... #KingOfShaves #TreatYourFace
Tweet : Nov 4th 2016 16:47
Happy things-going-bang-in-the-sky Night - from your friendly neighbourhood #Hotwolf
Tweet : Nov 3rd 2016 15:00
Very excited to announce URCHINZ - a new unboxing channel for kids. More in this month's Toy World...
Tweet : Oct 31st 2016 16:36
RT @KingofShaves: Have a smooth Halloween...! #KingOfShaves #RoughSmoothed #Wolfman
Tweet : Oct 31st 2016 12:11
Let us help you spook the competition this #Halloween, blow them out of the cauldron with exceptional social video.
Tweet : Oct 14th 2016 10:52
A brief but creative meeting with the excellent @creativebrief this morning. Exciting times ahead...
Tweet : Oct 13th 2016 14:45
RT @KingofShaves: Treat your face (and other bits) right... #TreatYourFace #KingOfShaves
Tweet : Oct 12th 2016 19:30
RT @KingofShaves: Treat your face the way it deserves to be treated... #TreatYourFace #KingOfShaves
Tweet : Oct 11th 2016 15:33
RT @KingofShaves: Treat your face the way it deserves to be treated royalty. #TreatYourFace #KingOfShaves
Tweet : Oct 7th 2016 20:29
RT @AJ3: Checkout this video I made with the guys over at @kingofshaves where I took my own massive head on a date -
Tweet : Oct 7th 2016 20:29
RT @KingofShaves: ???????????? /@HOTWOLFltd

Nerf - Urchinz Unboxing Channel
Urchinz Unboxing Channel
Branded content, Creative production
Urchinz is our brand new kids Unboxing channel. An innovative approach in this growing market.
Feb 1st 2017 15:27:13
Travel Better - Travel Hacks
Travel Better
(Holiday Extras)
Travel Hacks
Branded content, Creative production
New series using kinetic typography to convey lots of useful information in an entertaining way...
Feb 1st 2017 15:24:49
King of Shaves - Treat Your Face Like Royalty...
King of Shaves
(King of Shaves)
Treat Your Face Like Royalty...
Branded content
Following the successful online campaign, the client loved it so much we re-cut the content for TV.
Jan 6th 2017 10:28:59
King of Shaves - Treat Your Face
King of Shaves
(King of Shaves)
Treat Your Face
Branded content
How better to Treat Your Face right than to take him on a series of romantic dates......?
Jan 6th 2017 10:00:25
King of Shaves - The #RoughSmoothed Sessions
King of Shaves
(King of Shaves)
The #RoughSmoothed Sessions
Branded content
Well-groomed covers of 'rough' tracks ...just like the chin of a King of Shaves man!
Jan 6th 2017 10:00:16

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