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Tweet : May 22nd 2017 17:00
Polaroid — Cinema Short
Tweet : May 19th 2017 19:00
Polaroid — Fashion Short
Tweet : May 15th 2017 17:00
Polaroid — Skate Short
Tweet : May 12th 2017 17:00
Polaroid — Disco Short
Tweet : May 2nd 2017 17:00
Polaroid — Lab Short
Tweet : Apr 19th 2017 17:04
MING CREATIVITY Motion graphics for #multiplex2017 and #delaktig collaboration between @tomdixonstudio and @ikeatoday @ #milandesignweek2017
Tweet : Apr 18th 2017 00:01
MING team back from Milan Design Week where we created the Identity/Content for #multiplex2017
Tweet : Dec 5th 2016 18:09
Big congrats to @SaintBoz!! WhooHoo! #WomenInMusic #MostPowerful #GirlBoss
Tweet : Dec 5th 2016 18:06
RT @adland: Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs - Free The Speech - (2016) :30 (Sweden)
Tweet : Dec 5th 2016 18:03
So proud of our prez, @singlma, for her honest account of being Black in corporate America.
Tweet : Nov 14th 2016 16:05
Love him or hate him, #DonaldTrump should be nominated for Marketer of the Year. #Marketing #MarketingStrategy
Tweet : Nov 7th 2016 19:30
Infographic: Multicultural Millennials Take Brand Loyalty Seriously
Tweet : Nov 7th 2016 19:28
Ikea Built a Room in One of Its Stores to Look Like a Damaged Home in Syria
Tweet : Nov 4th 2016 20:55
#HappyFriday from MING
Tweet : Oct 31st 2016 21:10
The best part of having a NYC storefront in your office? Trick-or-treaters! #HappyHalloween from @themingcompany #trickortreat
Tweet : Oct 24th 2016 22:33
#Congrats to our CEO, Brian DiLorenzo.We missed u but what a kick ass film u created while gone #BMWFilms #TheEscape
Tweet : Oct 17th 2016 20:31
We can't wait to see this! #Mars #NASA
Tweet : Oct 17th 2016 20:30
#CONGRATS! Ridley Scott honored as American Cinematheque Award event is held #FriendofMING @rsafilms
Tweet : Oct 17th 2016 15:14
Congrats to #FriendofMING @Mildenhall. "Do the best work possible and be the best person possible. A great life is truly as simple as that."
Tweet : Aug 15th 2016 23:14
It's unanimous! The fave #UsainBolt meme here @ MING is:
Tweet : Aug 15th 2016 23:08
#PipssonSays to everyone complaining about the heat today, I just have one word: February.
Tweet : Aug 15th 2016 22:59
We still have #MondayMorning water cooler moments @ MING. Today was #TheNightOf #StrangerThings & #TheGetDown. @HBO v @netflix R U watching?
Tweet : Aug 11th 2016 20:59
Way to go @nhhill! #FriendofMING
Tweet : Aug 11th 2016 20:34
Congrats @droga5! #FriendofMING
Tweet : Jul 27th 2016 20:07
At MING there is a clear age divide over the superiority vs. over-hyped-ness of @Snapchat Are we alone? Or are offices everywhere at war?
Tweet : Jul 27th 2016 20:03
Tweet : Jul 27th 2016 20:01
Congrats to @SaintBoz on the @TIME feature. Meet the executive who turned Taylor Swift into an Apple Music believer
Tweet : Jul 26th 2016 03:37
RT @FastCoDesign: .@HillaryClinton's new app gamifies the fight against @realDonaldTrump #DemsInPhilly
Tweet : Jul 26th 2016 03:28
RT @ditzkoff: When you straight up killed it
Tweet : Jul 26th 2016 03:27
MING founder Linus Karlsson made it onto @Adweek Creative 100. Congrats to him + @Beyonce @Lin_Manuel #humblebrag

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