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For a positive kick-off into a #3dayweekend here is the weekly roundup of what's #cool and #cooler. Go get it ->
Tweet : May 23rd 2017 12:59
RT @Thinkaware: Keep your ???? peeled for forthcoming work from @zak_agency for @nbfootball shot here.... @ London
Tweet : May 22nd 2017 17:32
Time is running out! Click on The Goat, Cast Your Vote #RegisterToVote – you’ve only got a few hours left. Do it!
Tweet : May 22nd 2017 16:55
If muddy fields, live music and painted faces, is your bag, @LiveNation has the perfect option for you...
Tweet : May 19th 2017 16:50
A #coolsh*t serving offering #RomperGate and a poo #emoji sounding like @SirPatStew. The full-fat version here:
Tweet : May 15th 2017 17:14
In a world full of Apples, be a Banana. Awesome features aside, this phone is fighting a good cause as well.
Tweet : May 15th 2017 15:22
The sky’s the limit after @WillFerreI commencement speech for the #classof2017 of @USC #mondaymotivation
Tweet : May 12th 2017 16:34
Mouse trap trampolining? P*ssy beer? A year supply of chicken nuggets? See the week off with some #coolsh*t.
Tweet : May 9th 2017 16:40
35-years since the release of the cult classic #bladerunner. Are you ready for the #sequel? @bladerunner
Tweet : May 9th 2017 14:29
Is it a #bird, is it a #plane no, just @Harry_Styles in his new video for #signofthetimes
Tweet : May 9th 2017 13:12
#DonaldTrump will only be president when pigs fly and now they do! @pinkfloyd #JeffreyRoberts #art #instillation
Tweet : May 9th 2017 11:13
RT @creativebrief: New #BITETrend from @ZAK_agency Matt Bennett - global campaigns need hyper-regional, consistent platform activation http
Tweet : May 5th 2017 15:11
From #psychedelia to @baywatchmovie to a good old frorking it’s time to get your #coolsh*t on! #FridayFeeling
Tweet : May 5th 2017 12:22
Our work for @NBFootball is live, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Lisbon Lions #LiveTheLegend
Tweet : May 4th 2017 17:53
They see me rollin’ Great idea from @izzy_wheels.
Tweet : May 3rd 2017 18:07
This is Pure Liverpool. Take a look at our latest global kit launch campaign for @NBFootball. #PureLFC
Tweet : May 3rd 2017 15:21
Sketchy. Five of the most stunning @METGALA17 red carpet looks get a matching sneaker reimagining from @Reebok
Tweet : May 3rd 2017 12:14
However posh, famous or rich, people still love a crafty fag in the toilets #metgala #newyork @METGALA17
Tweet : May 2nd 2017 17:31
#Pedigree always knows how to pull at our #heartstrings. To the #dogshelter we go @wearefordogs #Feedthegood
Tweet : May 2nd 2017 16:13
Festival season is imminent. However, for some early enthusiasts, it did not start well. @fyrefestival #spoof
Tweet : May 2nd 2017 11:13
@Adrianopoliz Here at ZAK we are launching a really exciting project and we’d love you to be a part of it. Can we get your email? Thx
Tweet : Apr 25th 2017 18:12
#PinkFloyd got a shrimp, now find out what animal species just got named after Oxfordshire rockers, @radiohead
Tweet : Apr 25th 2017 16:10
Thanks to a Dutch startup, you can now tune out the haters or turn it up if you want to hear more #knops
Tweet : Apr 25th 2017 15:36
Did he contract chlamydia from a #koala bear? If he did, #HarryStyles is not saying
Tweet : Apr 24th 2017 14:56
It’s properly going #Hoff. @Guardians vol2 soundtrack has been revealed and it’s epic! @DavidHasselhoff
Tweet : Apr 24th 2017 12:09
That kid's got #swag. So much, in fact, @Migos want him in their next video! #Coachella2017 #dab #mondaymotivation
Tweet : Apr 21st 2017 16:17
If only boobs could talk. Oh, wait they can! #EverybodyLovesBoobs #MACMA #breastcancerawareness
Tweet : Apr 21st 2017 13:49
Another four-day week is almost done, here are 6 sizzling stories to get you over the line #coolsh*t #friyay
Tweet : Apr 20th 2017 17:48
Ever dreamt of having 1-2-1 science lessons with Sir David Attenborough? @SkyUK are making it a (#virtual) reality.
Tweet : Apr 19th 2017 17:02
Miller invites you to look beyond the international spotlight and explore the #LDN #rap #scene @NathanMillerLDN

New Balance Football - Create | React
New Balance Football
(New Balance)
Create | React
Branded content, Integrated marketing
Fully integrated global campaign featuring New Balance Athletes marks the launch of two new boots.
Feb 17th 2017 15:43:28
New Balance Lifestyle - Life in 247
New Balance Lifestyle
(New Balance)
Life in 247
Integrated marketing
Global comms idea creates relevance and meaning for New Balance’s biggest sneaker launch.
Jan 26th 2017 15:59:21
New Balance - MiUK One New Balance Football boot launch
New Balance
(New Balance )
MiUK One New Balance Football boot launch
Branded content, Integrated marketing
ZAK highlights British craftsmanship in new campaign for New Balance Football.
Dec 8th 2016 15:12:47

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