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How to attract German tourists to visit #Mexico? Well, with a #tequila raining cloud, of course. @MexicoTourismBd
Tweet : Mar 28th 2017 15:20
RT @tomej1: Proud that ZAK have helped to make the 247 launch such a worldwide success for New Balance.
Tweet : Mar 28th 2017 12:22
We went to @dougiewallace #streetphotography #exhibition entitled #harrodsburg. Hear what the visitors and the photographer had to say
Tweet : Mar 24th 2017 14:49
Find us in the #pub living a #healthy #lifestyle
Tweet : Mar 24th 2017 13:53
A gatecrashing iguana? Or maybe he just wanted to start his career as a tennis umpire.
Tweet : Mar 24th 2017 12:27
We’re back from @sxsw! This week’s #coolsh*t is packed with our favourite highlights, right here #tech #music #film
Tweet : Mar 23rd 2017 15:35
#SpaceJam would not have become a classic without its epic soundtrack. On April 22nd it’s getting reissued on vinyl
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2017 13:55
@Rob_Scotland 's talk on the Rise of the Polymath - best of #YMS17 by far
Tweet : Mar 20th 2017 13:32
RT @joZAKdavies: Last week we were at #SXSW, this week we're at #YMS17 #youth #marketing #tech #trends #audience #U30s @ZAK_agency
Tweet : Mar 20th 2017 13:14
With a career spanning over 30 years, @alyankovic still manages to stay original and funny. #MediumRarities
Tweet : Mar 17th 2017 16:48
Having a good #StPatricksDay We're certainly enjoying it with a @GuinnessGB #cheers
Tweet : Mar 17th 2017 12:52
Waiting for #fridayfeeling to kick in? Fear not, #coolsh*t is here! #Pornstars #priests and much more here:
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 16:32
What is the value of music? Keynote @zanelowe @sxsw
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 15:07
RT @spoole: My #IPA #SXSW article on “Sound: The invisible power” has gone live. Take a read @ZAK_agency
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 14:51
Finally the question has been answered @sxsw - if humans will one day swim as fast as sharks via @Verge
Tweet : Mar 15th 2017 20:55
Great talk @MillChannel @Reeps1 @sxsw on impact of audio on the visual VR story Reeps One - Does Not Exist
Tweet : Mar 15th 2017 15:45
The real-life #DavidBowie Space Oddity! #themanwhofelltoearth #tributestamps @RoyalMail
Tweet : Mar 15th 2017 14:30
Mr. Freeze’s dream: a #nitrogen gun. Vix Lounge @SXSW
Tweet : Mar 15th 2017 14:26
@intel @sxsw Add another image to your creative portfolio with neural network technology and @pikazoapp #AI
Tweet : Mar 15th 2017 10:52
RT @pitchfork: Is the current rash of artist visa problems business as usual? Or is it Trump?
Tweet : Mar 15th 2017 09:04
RT @IPA_Emerging: @spoole of @zak_agency and @The_IPA s own @Aislingthinks trying out voice changing madness of the new immersive VR piece
Tweet : Mar 15th 2017 09:04
RT @IPA_Emerging: Uwe Cremering of @SennheiserUSA putting VR in context - the shape of the VR/AR ecosystem huge theme at @sxsw (h/t to Laur
Tweet : Mar 14th 2017 15:10
Even the D.O. Double G @SnoopDogg takes aim at The Donald in his new video #Lavender @badbadnotgood @KAYTRANADA
Tweet : Mar 14th 2017 13:23
Some top tips from our #CEO and other established company founders for anyone thinking of starting a business.
Tweet : Mar 14th 2017 12:51
@Spotify and @thenorthface collaborate to create an innovative platform designed to beat the elements with music.
Tweet : Mar 13th 2017 18:50
RT @IPA_Emerging: Day 4 of @sxsw! Antonio Garcia-Martinez talks about our competing political and economic trajectories. (h/t to Laura from
Tweet : Mar 13th 2017 17:50
2/3 of Americans get their news from Facebook. Great talk on the rise of the tech giants @Schadow79 @sxsw
Tweet : Mar 12th 2017 19:57
Multi-sensory VR @sxsw
Tweet : Mar 12th 2017 19:46
VR experimentation by Sony @sxsw
Tweet : Mar 12th 2017 19:45
Spider-Man @sxsw

New Balance Football - Create | React
New Balance Football
(New Balance)
Create | React
Branded content, Integrated marketing
Fully integrated global campaign featuring New Balance Athletes marks the launch of two new boots.
Feb 17th 2017 15:43:28
New Balance Lifestyle - Life in 247
New Balance Lifestyle
(New Balance)
Life in 247
Integrated marketing
Global comms idea creates relevance and meaning for New Balance’s biggest sneaker launch.
Jan 26th 2017 15:59:21
New Balance - MiUK One New Balance Football boot launch
New Balance
(New Balance )
MiUK One New Balance Football boot launch
Branded content, Integrated marketing
ZAK highlights British craftsmanship in new campaign for New Balance Football.
Dec 8th 2016 15:12:47

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