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57% of #Millennials make price & delivery comparisons before buying. Find more #consumer insights in our report:
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Meet the fastest growing consumer group in the UK: #Millennials #consumers #branding
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Are you #branding nerds, like us? Are you #GOT obsessed? Here's some #FridayFun. You're welcome.
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RT @TheGrocer: Paddington's favourite needs a makeover. Could a revamp tempt in millennials? (£)
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RT @Bordbia: #Read how the Netherlands is tackling #sugar consumption:
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Driving #employeeengagement with @Serco_Inc to celebrate their Pulse award winners:
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Successful brands of the future care about people, not #branding #ThursdayThoughts
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Perceptions of age blind brands to opportunity: #ageingpopulation #branding #businessintelligence
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#Internalcomms + employee engagement are as key to brand strategy as how to attract consumers. (via @prweek)
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@BritSoftDrinks Thank you for sharing!
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How the new #GBBO trailer from Channel 4 was made: #HAPPYHUMPDAY
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Food and drinks brands can turn to new markets and innovate around the problem of a #sugartax. Find out more here:
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Fingers crossed we won't be doing @RoughRunners in this kind of weather! Sponsor us for @macmillancancer:
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This is not just rain. This is #britishsummertime rain. ??????
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Action on Sugar blasts cereal manufacturer labelling for disguising nutritional information. #sugarlevy
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Brand design is a business of trust. Treat the client's brand as if it were your own. #WednesdayWidom #branding
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Dangerous implications for #packaging design under the proposed #sugartax
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Waitrose follows Tesco in cutting prices on sanitary products: #bravebrands (via @TheGrocer)
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Technology platforms that lead the way in UK fashion #retailing:
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Seamless brand transformation for @KaraGroupUK:
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First training session for @RoughRunners tonight. #charitytuesday Stay tuned to see us sweating for @macmillancancer
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The back and forth on #googlememo clearly demonstrates the need for more discussion of these issues. #genderbalance:
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"Good design is good business" - Thomas Watson Jr. #TuesdayThoughts
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Global brands have specific needs. Smooth rollouts and easy adaptation = maximum brand impact: #brandexperiences
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Internal communications for @PerrigoCompany took cues from the chemistry of their products: #internalcomms #pharma
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"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand" - #MondayMotivation (via @MuseumofBrands)
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RT @EylureOfficial: Psst! ... Did you know the brow product that @fleurdeforce has kept under wraps all year has JUST LAUNCHED @bootsuk?! ????
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Putting people at the heart of things helped @PerrigoCompany to roll out their new brand philosophy: #internalcomms
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May your tea be strong, and your Monday short. #MondayMotivation

Tesco finest* - Tesco finest* Confectionery
Tesco finest*
Tesco finest* Confectionery
Branding / design
Honey design luxurious range of confectionery for tesco finest*
Mar 16th 2017 11:33:34
Digital Catapult - Digital Catapult Event
Digital Catapult
Digital Catapult Event
Branding / design
Honey design branded event materials for Digital Catapult in Kings Cross, London.
Mar 14th 2017 11:57:50
Rip It Up Start Again Events - What is a disruptive company?
Rip It Up Start Again Events
(Honey Creative)
What is a disruptive company?
Branding / design
Documentary exploring the disruptive community and the vital nature of innovation for business.
Feb 9th 2017 17:13:47
Honey Creative - Celebrating 10 Years of Honey
Honey Creative
(Honey Creative)
Celebrating 10 Years of Honey
Branding / design
We're celebrating 10 Years of Honey with a look back at projects over the last decade.
Jan 31st 2017 15:17:53
Java Republic - Honey Creative Create A Stir With New Java Packaging
Java Republic
(Java Republic)
Honey Creative Create A Stir With New Java Packaging
Branding / design
New packaging design for the expanded tea range, inspired by the stories behind each tea.
Dec 14th 2016 12:03:28

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