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Tweet : Jun 28th 2017 13:15
Why should we design endings? @mrmacleod came in to tell us how society has lost touch with closure
Tweet : Jun 28th 2017 10:40
RT @Richil_C: Fascinating talk by @Dr_tempest on using mobile apps and wearables to measure cognitive function and mood. #digitalmentalheal
Tweet : Jun 27th 2017 17:50
In case you didn't know. Google has been caught out doing illegal things. Again. #TechNews #googlenews
Tweet : Jun 26th 2017 20:04
Not only can they hack...but they can do some snazzy typography too #designjam #hackathon #techforgood
Tweet : Jun 25th 2017 15:40
Worth a watch. How much do you know about Ramadan? ????#Ramadan
Tweet : Jun 21st 2017 16:08
The age of inauthentic brands is over and Uber is the living proof #BigRadical #uber #GE17
Tweet : Jun 21st 2017 07:30
The design and product industry is messed up. But how do we fix it and why should we? @ScottEwings tells us how
Tweet : Jun 20th 2017 10:38
This #WorldRefugeeDay @Techfugees is hosting a talk to discuss #techforgood and refugee integration
Tweet : Jun 19th 2017 16:17
We're doing some secret and Interesting things with #emojis ???????????? stay tuned #BigRadical #DesignForGood
Tweet : Jun 15th 2017 13:30
Our CTO Rob Green has been quoted in @Telegraph on a feature on the future of smart cities #BigRadical #smartcities
Tweet : Jun 15th 2017 13:30
There's an ethical product guide by @EC_magazine. Finally we know which beers to buy! #ethicalconsumer #ecofriendly
Tweet : Jun 14th 2017 09:32
@esbengroendal @ndreasjonsson @Richil_C @SmplicityCo @servicedesignbt That's amazing! Thanks for sharing ????
Tweet : Jun 14th 2017 06:52
Whilst other studios call Wednesday 'hump day' we're sliding into Wednesday like..... #bigradical #studiolife #WednesdayWisdom
Tweet : Jun 13th 2017 14:30
@Lubes Amazing! Such a mind blowing weekend ?????? let's keep in touch
Tweet : Jun 11th 2017 18:49
Congrats to our winning team and their cracking idea 'Altru' #techforgood #depression @NCUBtweets @thexdsgroup
Tweet : Jun 11th 2017 17:39
Final team! 'Chatcloud' an intergrated messenger platform with machine learning and AR games for relationship building #techforgood
Tweet : Jun 11th 2017 17:34
Team Cyan on their circle of care 'Altru' with an inbuilt app that encourages people to reach out and help others in need #techforgood
Tweet : Jun 11th 2017 17:25
Team blue on their company 'in good company' complete with a chat box 'Ava', website and linked communities #techforgood #depression
Tweet : Jun 11th 2017 17:21
Team yellow on their app that helps reinforce and incentivize activities which can help those with mental health issues #techforgood
Tweet : Jun 11th 2017 17:11
Team red! Machine learning, AI chat bots and app alerts from their app 'Elsa' #techforgood #depression @NCUBtweets @thexdsgroup
Tweet : Jun 11th 2017 17:03
It's pitch time! Team green on their new approach to campus community lifestyle 'well-u' #techforgood @NCUBtweets @thexdsgroup
Tweet : Jun 11th 2017 15:00
Mid day work out! Gotta keep that blood pumping and keep that brain refreshed ????????????
Tweet : Jun 11th 2017 11:24
Getting busy in here as the teams get their pitches and prototypes ready for this evening. ???????? #designjam #techforgood
Tweet : Jun 11th 2017 11:12
Empathy mapping before they start mocking up prototypes and pitching their ideas! ?????? #designjam #techforgood @NCUBtweets @thexdsgroup
Tweet : Jun 11th 2017 09:43
Coffee, croissants and a pow wow from our team leaders and we're off! #designjam #techforgood @NCUBtweets @thexdsgroup #depression
Tweet : Jun 11th 2017 09:39
DAY TWO kicks off with @BarclayBarclay "remember the insight, symptomatology and think big!" ??#techforgood @NCUBtweets @thexdsgroup
Tweet : Jun 11th 2017 09:32
RT @NCUBtweets: Coffee ? Croissants ? Ready to build prototypes and business cases. #designjam #techforgood @big_radical @thexdsgroup https
Tweet : Jun 10th 2017 17:00
Problem identifying, user mapping, ideation and tech disruption ???? day one of our #designjam coming together nicely #techforgood
Tweet : Jun 10th 2017 14:56
"A sense of working towards something is essential to mental health care" @Psycle_Doc on games and tech as a mental health aid #techforgood
Tweet : Jun 10th 2017 13:34
"What you're doing today will help our work in digital research and aid in health care." @DavidDocherty1 from @NCUBtweets #techforgood

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