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Tweet : Jan 17th 2017 12:20
Check out our new work for Greensand Ridge Distillery over on @creativebrief #branding #design #packaging
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RT @naomimbassey: It's all about aesthetics today over at @hatchedlondon, have a read...
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RT @Whopper_Bear: 2016 has been dominated by green! @hatchedlondon explore some great examples
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RT @leejamescasey: The world has become like Little Shop of Horrors. #feedmesemour. New post from @Natashabee1 on plants and design in 2017
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Greenery is Pantone's colour of 2017, so why not brighten up your day & delve into the world of plants on our blog!
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Celebrate smashing through the first week of January with our December Round-up. Happy 2017 all, make it count!
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#MerryChristmas everyone! Thanks for the treats!
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@kpprtweets @ThisSarahPowell @thismorning @loosewomen @BBCCiN @markettiers #merrychristmas one and all!
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RT @kpprtweets: KPPR Christmas T(Ree)-Rex keeping watch over our lovely Christmas cards #christmascard #thankyou
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RT @leejamescasey: @London_Pride thanks very much! It's made the office @hatchedlondon very festive indeed. #merrychristmas #DropOfPride ht
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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from 11 pipers piping at #Hatched.
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Brand identities old to new. The re-emergence of heritage in #branding.
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@caitrionamcb @TheGaztronome Morning. Something we can certainly help with having just completed this:
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RT @leejamescasey: Battle of the xmas ads. @hm win it for me with @Burberry a very close second. #wesanderson
Tweet : Dec 8th 2016 13:32
RT @leejamescasey: UPP case study by @hatchedlondon on #creativebrief -
Tweet : Dec 8th 2016 13:32
RT @Whopper_Bear: Great new case study up on @creativebrief from @hatchedlondon for @UPPltd Health & Safety campaign.
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Take a look at our #new case study over on @creativebrief for UPP's Health & Safety campaign #branding #campaign
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If you're not feeling festive yet, read all about our post on the battle of the #Christmas ad #Advertising
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Feed your inner life hacker with our email marketing automation tricks post:
Tweet : Dec 1st 2016 16:59
Our beautiful new #branding project for @proppiouk is live. A game changer for the housing market #EstateAgents
Tweet : Dec 1st 2016 16:50
RT @Whopper_Bear: December is here, but what happened in November I hear you ask? @hatchedlondon
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As we prepare for December festivities, we take a look at what November brought to the table #ChristmasJumperTime
Tweet : Nov 24th 2016 18:26
RT @leejamescasey: Not a fan of Bovril as a product but amazed at its heritage and how far it's come. Maybe it's a northern thing? #pintoft
Tweet : Nov 24th 2016 18:26
RT @sarahhorn92: Big @OfficialBovril fan over here! Another great read from @hatchedlondon...
Tweet : Nov 24th 2016 18:04
Warm up on your way home and read our #GreatBritishBrand post on @OfficialBovril Gravy lovers rejoice #Bovril
Tweet : Nov 24th 2016 14:40
RT @creativebrief: New #HotPick - @hatchedlondon's deliciously refreshing creative communications for @cawstonpress
Tweet : Nov 22nd 2016 17:36
Paw-den me, we have the puuurrrfect blog post to read to make your journey home Meiow-vellous. #Pawsome.
Tweet : Nov 22nd 2016 16:53
RT @proppiouk: @Whopper_Bear @Hatched @creativebrief Great reception for the new brand form all stakeholders and partners:)
Tweet : Nov 22nd 2016 12:50
Discover our exciting, new naming and #rebrand project for @proppiouk over on @creativebrief #NewWork #branding
Tweet : Nov 17th 2016 20:08
RT @Whopper_Bear: Lovely new work up on @creativebrief for @cawstonpress by @hatchedlondon on

Greensand Ridge Distillery - Brand Creation & Packaging
Greensand Ridge Distillery
(Greensand Ridge Distillery)
Brand Creation & Packaging
Branding / design
A true micro-distillery on a mission to develop breathtaking spirits the slow way.
Jan 17th 2017 12:12:58
Proppio - Naming, Branding & Strategy
Naming, Branding & Strategy
Branding / design
A complete rebrand and renaming of the world's only free-to-list online property service.
Nov 22nd 2016 12:37:32
Cawston Press - Wholefoods Window Display
Cawston Press
(Cawston Press)
Wholefoods Window Display
A striking and stand out Cawston Press window display at Wholefoods Market on Kensington High street
Nov 15th 2016 10:48:52
Tod - A world of possible
(Tangent PLC)
A world of possible
Branding / design
A new brand identity for Tod, reflecting their evolving and innovative approach to print production.
Nov 3rd 2016 15:08:12
UPP - Health & Safety Campaign
Health & Safety Campaign
Branding / design
An engaging internal campaign to promote Health & Safety, featuring illustrations by Damien Weighill
Oct 19th 2016 15:25:58

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