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Given that we are all, in a sense, ‘sinners’, we need to find better explanations for our bad behaviour:
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As we reemerge into the world after a period of illness, we become aware of all the things we take for granted:
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Subtly show your allegiance to life-long personal development with our emotionally intelligent keyring:
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John Maynard Keynes was the creator of both the IMF and the World Bank. His ideas continue to this day.
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The only person to whom we can expose the multiple grievances we accumulate is, unfortunately, the one we love:
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Enjoy special access to our events and become part of an open-minded community when you join our Friendship Scheme
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When a task has prestige and glamour, it’s easier to put more of ourselves into it:
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Societies frequently place great importance upon the abstract notion of 'Culture', but how can it help us? Find out:
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The decision to stay in or leave a relationship is one of the most consequential any of us ever has to make:
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'If you want the present to be different from the past, study the past.' - Baruch Spinoza
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Confidence means not interpreting rejection as a verdict on everything we are. Find out more:
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A crucial error we make in relationships is to imagine that they aren’t things we can get better at. Find out more:
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A questionnaire to determine - to use Bowlby’s term - your particular and distinctive ‘attachment style’:
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We seem convinced that a good job is meant to be dull and annoying. Why else would someone pay us to do it?
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Imagine the world as you would ideally like it to be. Relax and dream with our scented Utopia Candles:
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Experience the grandeur and peace reminiscent of monasteries of old on our new series of retreats at The Life House:
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Relationships founder on our inability to make ourselves known, forgiven and accepted for who we are:
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Join us this October for an unforgettable three days of exploration into our psychological and emotional lives.
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Experience the best of The School of Life Curriculum in a single, unforgettable week at our Summer School:
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In general, we only start working when the fear of not doing anything finally exceeds the fear of doing it badly:
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Every life story is a tale of a well-intentioned, flawed but ultimately dignified human struggling against the odds:
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'The wise man does at once what the fool does finally.' - Niccolo Machiavelli
Tweet : Jun 21st 2017 22:05
'The things that we love tell us what we are.' - Thomas Aquinas
Tweet : Jun 21st 2017 20:30
Whilst they may be endlessly gripping to us, our obsessions and opinions are not always the interest of others:
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One of the most obvious but striking things about a modern education is that you go through it only once:
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Revolutionise your relationships, working lives and your sense of well-being at our Conference this October
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The Pessimist's Umbrella is perfect for those of us wise enough to expect the worst, even on a sunny day in June:
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RT @LivingArch: Readers, thinkers, design +book lovers - apply now for the 1st Living Architecture+@TheSchoolOfLife Retreat
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The more we leave sadness unattended, the more it starts to colour everything we are involved with:
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Some of the art of living means learning how to tell the story of our lives back to ourselves.

Airbnb - The Art of Travel
The Art of Travel
Brand strategy
Our philosophical consulting team took a leftfield approach to redefine Airbnb’s market segmentation
May 9th 2017 13:37:07
Pictet - A Philosophy of Sustainability
A Philosophy of Sustainability
Branded content
A film exploring the key ingredients behind Pictet's philosophy of sustainability
Apr 24th 2017 17:12:56
The School of Life supported by Leo Burnett - Business Wise
The School of Life supported by Leo Burnett
(The School of Life)
Business Wise
Innovation/NPD/Service Design
Exploring the big ideas around branding, meaning, culture and value
Feb 1st 2017 14:43:40
Ikano Bank - A Simpler Britain
Ikano Bank
(Ikano Bank)
A Simpler Britain
Branded content, Innovation/NPD/Service Design
To help Ikano Bank launch in the UK we created a beautifully designed book on simplicity
Nov 8th 2016 15:37:58
Central YMCA - Eudaimonia! Good ideas for living well
Central YMCA
(Central YMCA)
Eudaimonia! Good ideas for living well
Branded content, Innovation/NPD/Service Design
We put on a conference exploring the future of fitness, healthcare and wellbeing for Londoners
Nov 7th 2016 16:09:04

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