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Here are our favourite words from the world's languages that bring some of our most important feelings into focus:
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The pleasures of Sunday morning are linked to a feeling that we're able to reengage with the wider horizons of life:
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Join Jimmy Carr and Alain de Botton as they explore the philosophy of comedy on Monday 6 Nov. Tickets available now:
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"No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination." - Edward Hopper
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There is no more common emotion to feel around work than that we have failed:
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The way to practice calm resilience is to rehearse how one might cope with the most awful things one might imagine:
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RT @collectingconvs: Just been to see @arobertwebb @TheSchoolOfLife moving, thought provoking and a privilege to have listened to his #stor
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RT @WhiteJess: ‘just some bloke’ @arobertwebb talking about being a man #tsollive @TheSchoolOfLife (we bonded over CHiPS) #genderequality h
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RT @DavidNHolmes: Just seen @arobertwebb with @ProfTanya at @TheSchoolOfLife. Wonderful evening, full of insight, laughter and tears. He is
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"Men make their own history, but they do not make it as they please." - Karl Marx
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"It feels sometimes like I've picked a fight with something a) invisible, b) everywhere" @arobertwebb on gender-neutral parenting #TSOLLIVE
Tweet : Oct 19th 2017 20:45
"The people who inspire me now are the best of my friends" @arobertwebb on male role models #TSOLLIVE
Tweet : Oct 19th 2017 20:30
"It really did make all the difference," @arobertwebb opening up on his experience of therapy #TSOLLIVE
Tweet : Oct 19th 2017 20:22
"The thing you're not really prepared for is just the naked absence" @arobertwebb on grief #TSOLLIVE
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'Robert's Web' @arobertwebb shares his idea for a TV show 'about the internet' that didn't take off. #TSOLLIVE
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"What I do for a living is unusual" - @arobertwebb in conversation with @ProfTanya #TSOLLIVE
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Above and beyond having a job, what we really need to power our professional future is a sense of mission.
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Can't make our Life Lessons event with Robert Webb this evening? We'll be live tweeting from 7:30pm - follow the hashtag #TSOLLIVE.
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RT @creativeboommag: Kindness Prompt Cards that help us to remember compassion and empathy
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The basic move of exaggeration comes into play around strategically apologising for one’s own excesses:
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Few things promise us greater happiness than our relationships. yet few things more reliably deliver frustration:
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We need to be archivists of our own pleasures if we are to find work that feels authentic to who we are:
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We should approach long-term relationships with this fundamental insight in mind. Find out more:
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Do we have the freedom to change our lives or is everything predetermined already?
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"If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people." - Virginia Woolf
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Confidence is a skill founded on a set of ideas about the world and our natural place within it:
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Our lives may appear to go off-script, but that is only because the script we're holding onto is a sentimental lie:
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Our lives are so busy and frenetic, it is important to carve out time for the things that matter the most:
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“We achieve our best lives and potential in solidarity with others.” Shami Chakrabarti on Sisterhood, 5 November:
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The sulk can be overcome when this insane, touching ambition reveals its comedic dimension:

Citigold - Great Thinkers for Uncertain Times
Great Thinkers for Uncertain Times
Brand strategy, Branded content, Corporate communications
We produced a bespoke book - Great Thinkers for Uncertain Times - for Citigold’s Private Clients
Jul 19th 2017 15:00:50
Airbnb - The Art of Travel
The Art of Travel
Brand strategy
Our philosophical consulting team took a leftfield approach to redefine Airbnb’s market segmentation
May 9th 2017 13:37:07
Pictet - A Philosophy of Sustainability
A Philosophy of Sustainability
Branded content
A film exploring the key ingredients behind Pictet's philosophy of sustainability
Apr 24th 2017 17:12:56
The School of Life supported by Leo Burnett - Business Wise
The School of Life supported by Leo Burnett
(The School of Life)
Business Wise
Innovation/NPD/Service Design
Exploring the big ideas around branding, meaning, culture and value
Feb 1st 2017 14:43:40
Ikano Bank - A Simpler Britain
Ikano Bank
(Ikano Bank)
A Simpler Britain
Branded content, Innovation/NPD/Service Design
To help Ikano Bank launch in the UK we created a beautifully designed book on simplicity
Nov 8th 2016 15:37:58

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