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Tweet : Dec 16th 2017 14:02
Thank you for 3 million subscribers. We have done special giveaway video to celebrate.
Tweet : Dec 16th 2017 12:00
Our San Francisco Conference is sure to be an unforgettable weekend break in one of North America's most culturally vibrant capitals. See what attendees of the Lisbon conference had to say:
Tweet : Dec 16th 2017 11:00
"Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought." - Matsuo Basho
Tweet : Dec 16th 2017 11:00
Our Marchmont Street store is the only place in the world with our full range of products, so you can explore our full range of life-changing gifts. Visit us here:
Tweet : Dec 16th 2017 11:00
Give more meaningful gifts this year. Encourage your loved ones to begin their journey of self-discovery and emotional fulfilment with our Essentials Range, an Introduction to Emotional Intelligence. Explore the selection:
Tweet : Dec 16th 2017 09:30
Unprocessed Emotion: "There are feelings that exist in an ‘unprocessed’ form within us. A great many worries may, for example, remain disavowed and uninterpreted and manifest themselves as powerful directionless anxiety." Read more:
Tweet : Dec 15th 2017 19:30
From an early age, we expect that other people know things we don’t, and that’s why we must accept the status quo. But perhaps we can dare to imagine that the rules can be changed, that things could be different: that (blessedly) no one really knows:
Tweet : Dec 15th 2017 11:00
Avoid fighting about which programmes to watch; this year, make your family gatherings livelier and encourage others to share triumphs, joys, fears and longings - with our 100 Questions Family Edition. Shop now:
Tweet : Dec 15th 2017 10:15
Today we welcomed our three millionth emotionally intelligent follower on YouTube. A big thank you to all our followers for the support and encouragement we have received.
Tweet : Dec 15th 2017 09:30
The Significance of Parenthood: "Having a child definitively refutes any worry about our lack of creativity and dismantles (at least for while) the envy we might otherwise feel about the inventiveness of others." Read more:
Tweet : Dec 14th 2017 16:30
We want so badly to be perfect. We torment ourselves with images of what we’re supposed to be like, especially at work and in love. The generous phrase ‘good enough’ is designed to remind us of the many lesser – yet very real – virtues we already possess:
Tweet : Dec 14th 2017 14:02
It's miserable to be unhappy in your teenage years - but it can also be profoundly important.
Tweet : Dec 14th 2017 11:00
"We are born, so to speak, twice over; born into existence, and born into life; born a human being, and born a man." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Tweet : Dec 14th 2017 11:00
Give the gift of perspective this year; why not introduce loved ones to new ways of thinking and living life as taught by the Great Thinkers? We have collected some of the most important ideas of Eastern and Western culture to make this easier for you:
Tweet : Dec 14th 2017 10:00
Much of what ruins the present is sheer anxiety. The simple dread at the unknownness of what is to come follows us:
Tweet : Dec 14th 2017 10:00
Still stuck for ideas on what you should buy for your loved ones? Our emotionally intelligent shop staff can help you to choose gifts that will make an impact. Our shop in Bloomsbury is open for late night shopping tonight until 8pm:
Tweet : Dec 14th 2017 09:30
Aphorisms of Confidence: "The topic of confidence is too often neglected by serious people: we spend so much time acquiring technical skills, so little time practising the one virtue that will make those skills effective in the world." Read more:
Tweet : Dec 13th 2017 16:30
We are all privately haunted by a fear that we’re freakishly odd. But in fact, as this new tote bag celebrates, no one is normal. The only people we can mistake for ordinary are those we don’t yet know very well. Shop Now:
Tweet : Dec 13th 2017 12:00
Help the conversation around the dinner table to flow better this holiday - you might even be surprised by what you learn. Shop our range of question cards:
Tweet : Dec 13th 2017 11:00
Last chance to find gifts for life, check our last order dates for delivery in time for Christmas here:
Tweet : Dec 13th 2017 09:30
Mono no Aware: "A key term in Japanese culture, mono no aware signifies the deep feeling or pathos of things, the powerful emotions that objects can evoke or instil in us. It is often associated with a poignant feeling of transience." Read more:
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 18:02
This year, give an enlightening and improving book to a loved one in need of some much needed calm, reassurance or perspective. Explore our range of titles from The School of Life Press:
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 14:07
We sometimes assume that good thinking happens in quiet rooms at large desks with views. But really, for a variety of fascinating reasons, it happens most often in the shower.
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 12:30
Last chance to find gifts for life, check our last order dates for delivery in time for Christmas here:
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 11:01
"Reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions, and can never pretend to any other office than to serve and obey them." - David Hume
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 10:30
Too often, we struggle to find the right words to explain what we mean; our new dictionary is a tool to help us convey our true intentions with economy and precision. Learn the Language of Emotional Intelligence:
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 09:30
Untranslatable Words: "The perfect word, even if it comes from abroad, can help us to explain ourselves to other people, and its existence quietly reassures us (and everyone else) that a state of mind is not really rare, just rarely spoken of." Read more:
Tweet : Dec 11th 2017 15:30
The Charm of Lonely Places: "If we are defined by the places where we feel ‘at home’, some of these may have nothing to do with homeliness as we presently conceive of the term." Read more:
Tweet : Dec 11th 2017 10:30
Thinking of our enemies can clarify our thoughts beautifully. They appreciate our weaknesses and temptations in a way few others do. We can at last put these characters to constructive use: by doing the opposite of what they expect. Roll The Decision Dice:
Tweet : Dec 11th 2017 09:42
RT @CultureWhisper: Culture Whisper sends an intrepid journalist to master the art of seduction and find true love - in just two hours - at

Cos Stores - A Thoughtful Guide to Good Gifting
Cos Stores
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A Thoughtful Guide to Good Gifting
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We partnered with Cos Stores to create a thoughtful guide to good gifting at Christmas
Nov 29th 2017 14:37:03
Dropbox - The Vices and Virtues of Collaboration
The Vices and Virtues of Collaboration
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We looked to the past to help Dropbox explore the future of collaborative work…
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Citigold - Great Thinkers for Uncertain Times
Great Thinkers for Uncertain Times
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We produced a bespoke book - Great Thinkers for Uncertain Times - for Citigold’s Private Clients
Jul 19th 2017 15:00:50
Airbnb - The Art of Travel
The Art of Travel
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Our philosophical consulting team took a leftfield approach to redefine Airbnb’s market segmentation
May 9th 2017 13:37:07
Pictet - A Philosophy of Sustainability
A Philosophy of Sustainability
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A film exploring the key ingredients behind Pictet's philosophy of sustainability
Apr 24th 2017 17:12:56

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