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'You know what charm is: a way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question.' - Albert Camus
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A 2 day course to answer a universal anxiety: how can I find work that truly fits my talents and interests?
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Sunday Evening Philosophy: how to appreciate ordinary experiences according to David Hume -
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Next month, @MxJackMonroe teaches us what we can learn about life when nothing remains to be taken for granted:
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How to extract valuable ideas from the raw ore of culture:
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Our 100 Questions cards are designed to prompt the most interesting, and possibly unexpected discussions.
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'When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.' - Lao Tzu
Tweet : Feb 18th 2017 21:55
'I wish that every human life might be pure transparent freedom.' - Simone de Beauvoir
Tweet : Feb 18th 2017 19:35
Blending tuition, exercises and discussion, our Spring Intensive helps you transform every area of your life:
Tweet : Feb 18th 2017 16:45
Next month at The School of Life Slavoj Žižek and Ralph Fiennes discuss cinema, politics and the future of humanity:
Tweet : Feb 18th 2017 13:05
At the root of some of our angriest moods lies a surprising emotion: optimism -
Tweet : Feb 18th 2017 11:30
Our pessimistic greetings cards allow us to bond with others around an honest admission of truly sobering realities.
Tweet : Feb 18th 2017 09:00
'Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.' - Goethe
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 21:55
'Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.' - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 18:22
Prone to watching your free-time vanish due to work commitments? Join us for 'How to Balance Life and Work' class:
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 15:04
Kind and polite people should learn to lie.
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 14:45
Sartre once said 'If you're lonely when you're alone you are in bad company.' Develop a friendship with yourself:
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 13:15
When it comes to relationships, we should remember that our inadequacies can’t all be of our doing
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 12:00
JUST ANNOUNCED: Slavoj Žižek interviews Ralph Fiennes at The School of Life - 27 March 2017. Not to be missed:
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 11:15
Our 15 minute timer is the perfect tool to remind us to carve out some time for what really matters in life.
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 10:45
To ward off bouts of depression, we need to learn the value of calculated moments of self-compassion
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 09:34
'Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.' - Leo Tolstoy
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 20:45
The root cause of an anxiety attack is something troublesome, intensely accurate & beautiful-in-origin: sensitivity
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 16:45
Celebrate your commitment to emotional intelligence with our range of pin badges.
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 14:45
We shouldn't be tough on people who have a certain type of fear: of getting close and intimate with another
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 12:30
This April, philosopher @romankrznaric tells us why the #YOLO and #FOMO approaches to life are overrated:
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 11:45
Our latest book takes an open approach to our unspoken desires.
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 09:39
'The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.' - Marcus Aurelius
Tweet : Feb 15th 2017 21:55
'There are no facts, only interpretations.' - Friedrich Nietzsche
Tweet : Feb 15th 2017 19:30
Changing our minds is a politically-consequential revelation: we realise those on the other side might in fact be OK

The School of Life supported by Leo Burnett - Business Wise
The School of Life supported by Leo Burnett
(The School of Life)
Business Wise
Exploring the big ideas around branding, meaning, culture and value
Feb 1st 2017 14:43:40
Ikano Bank - A Simpler Britain
Ikano Bank
(Ikano Bank)
A Simpler Britain
Branded content, Innovation
To help Ikano Bank launch in the UK we created a beautifully designed book on simplicity
Nov 8th 2016 15:37:58
Central YMCA - Eudaimonia! Good ideas for living well
Central YMCA
(Central YMCA)
Eudaimonia! Good ideas for living well
Branded content, Innovation
We put on a conference exploring the future of fitness, healthcare and wellbeing for Londoners
Nov 7th 2016 16:09:04
Lloyds Bank - For Your Next Step
Lloyds Bank
(Lloyds Bank)
For Your Next Step
Branded content
A series of films and articles exploring the emotional factors behind life's big moments
Nov 1st 2016 15:59:21
AXA PPP Healthcare - Open Up - Tackling Taboo Conversations
AXA PPP Healthcare
(AXA PPP Healthcare)
Open Up - Tackling Taboo Conversations
Branded content
A workshop and box of conversation cards on having taboo (financial) conversations with your partner
Nov 1st 2016 15:38:44

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