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Why tech companies like IBM + Amazon brand artificial intelligence with human names @Adweek
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#LunchtimeRead: How writing 750 words a day could change your life @qz
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By 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than they do with their partner. @CMO_com
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@BusinessMaik Well said by our #CMO, @MargaretMolloy.TY for sharing
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@ImRichard7 Well said by our #CMO, @MargaretMolloy. Thanks for sharing!
Tweet : May 25th 2017 19:47
An AI invented a bunch of new paint colors that are hilariously wrong @arstechnica #naming
Tweet : May 25th 2017 19:30
In search of a beach read? See what's on Bill Gates’ summer reading list: @FastCompany
Tweet : May 25th 2017 16:34
Why great experiences are the remedy healthcare consumers need. Download our whitepaper:
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Our very own Hannah Post on the importance of authenticity ????
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@SproutSocial @Digiday Thanks for sharing!
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The future of branding: a better way to assess brand ROI @btrafferty via @MarketingB2B
Tweet : May 24th 2017 21:10
Facebook is building its own neuroscience center to study #marketing @Adweek
Tweet : May 24th 2017 20:34
Why simplicity may be the secret to brand success @MargaretMolloy @MarketingProfs
Tweet : May 24th 2017 18:20
Häagen-Dazs rebrands to lose “fussy” design + target younger audience @Design_Week
Tweet : May 24th 2017 18:19
RT @maggiecj: Always a pleasure chatting w/ my friends @MargaretMolloy @DeirdreBigley and meeting Nick & Monica. Great discussion on brands
Tweet : May 24th 2017 17:27
Kicking off a panel discussion on why simple brands win at the #CMO Executive Summit. #marketing
Tweet : May 24th 2017 16:14
Strategist Hannah Post talks to @Digiday about the role of authenticity in social media:
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RT @MargaretMolloy: Good morning New York. We're excited to host keynote panel at CMO conf. We are talking brands and simplicity. https://t
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A special TY to our @SiegelGale #FutureofBranding #Houston panelists @david3reid @JenniferLWelch @nicknackmiller @jendominiquini.
Tweet : May 24th 2017 02:50
TY to all who joined @SiegelGale's #FutureofBranding Roundtable in Houston! cc: #JasonCieslak @MargaretMolloy @BrandFan @nicknackmiller
Tweet : May 23rd 2017 20:10
Meet the Simplifiers: @MargaretMolloy interviews Liza Landsman + Sumaiya Balbale @Jet #CMO
Tweet : May 23rd 2017 19:38
How to design for the user...and the bot @VentureBeat
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RT @JenniferLWelch: Welcome to Houston! Happy to have @SiegelGale here today - going to be a great panel session on #FutureOfBranding https
Tweet : May 23rd 2017 17:28
Infographic: 50% of Gen Z ‘can’t live without YouTube’ + other stats that will make you feel old @Adweek
Tweet : May 23rd 2017 17:24
SMPL Q&A: 3 questions on the relationship between comedy + UX design w/ Alex Stark:
Tweet : May 23rd 2017 16:38
Good morning, #Houston | Excited for our #FutureofBranding #CMO Roundtable w/ @david3reid @JenniferLWelch @jendominiquini!
Tweet : May 22nd 2017 22:29
WATCH ?? What you say + how you say it is a critical part of brand experience:
Tweet : May 22nd 2017 20:02
The best advice for marketers in 2017: Insights from 11 experts via @HubSpot
Tweet : May 22nd 2017 18:53
A tale of two pancakes: Hannah Post unpacks @DennysDiner + @IHOP's brand voice via @BulldogReporter
Tweet : May 22nd 2017 17:35
7 iconic logos & what you can learn from them @CreativeBloq

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