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Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 10:50
Go Caroline! Our UK senior AM has made The Drum's 50 under 30 via @thedrum
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 16:13
RT @dentsuaegis: What makes you a better leader? #ThursdayThoughts from Roz Chinchiolo of @WeAreFetch San Francisco
Tweet : Feb 16th 2017 10:12
Dentsu Aegis Network pledges to donate 50,000 hours to schools by 2020 via @campaignmag
Tweet : Feb 15th 2017 18:05
We're here at Kochava Mobile Summit! Looking forward to our time here! #KMS2017 @kochavamobile
Tweet : Feb 15th 2017 09:27
Well done to all at @WeAreFetch and teams across our network involved in #DANLive . Fantastic event! bringing our network closer.
Tweet : Feb 14th 2017 15:30
Time to talk about location based marketing at DAN Live @dentsuaegis
Tweet : Feb 14th 2017 14:00
Yesterday and today @WeAreFetch are at @dentsuaegis 's DAN Live event. Bringing the power of our network together.
Tweet : Feb 14th 2017 10:12
RT @dentsuaegis: "Don't think of us as a group, think of us as a system. We are greater than the sum of our parts." @tdegroose #DANLive htt
Tweet : Feb 14th 2017 10:11
RT @dentsuaegis: We're at #DANLive UK today - the network immerse themselves in the amazing skills across the group. Follow on Instagram @d
Tweet : Feb 13th 2017 16:30
Thanks @Adweek for the mention in "8 Digital Marketing Stats from This Week That Caught Our Eye"
Tweet : Feb 10th 2017 14:46
RT @dentsuaegis: Curious about the future of #mobile in the #advertising industry? Check out our latest episode of #UNBOXED:
Tweet : Feb 8th 2017 20:28
6 Stats That Show How #SuperBowl Viewers Used Their Mobile Devices via @Adweek #adweek
Tweet : Feb 8th 2017 20:19
@McHugh Awesome! Here you go:
Tweet : Feb 8th 2017 20:12
Mobile usage in the US increased by almost 30% after the @ladygaga halftime show #Superbowl #MobileFirst
Tweet : Feb 8th 2017 20:10
Unlike Americans, British double-screen during the half-time show with an increased mobile usage of over 100% #SuperBowl #MobileFirst
Tweet : Feb 8th 2017 20:09
Mobile usage in the US increased almost 30% throughout the first half of the #SuperBowl. #MobileFirst
Tweet : Feb 8th 2017 20:07
Despite game results, in the second half of #Superbowl Atlanta had more mobile usage than in Boston #MobileFirst
Tweet : Feb 8th 2017 18:14
Mobile usage in the US in the hours before Superbowl was, on average, between 7-10% higher than any other Sunday. #Superbowl #MobileFirst
Tweet : Feb 2nd 2017 17:11
RT @WeAreFetch: Fetch Named Agency of Record by Mozilla
Tweet : Feb 2nd 2017 09:19
Thanks @dentsuaegis !
Tweet : Feb 2nd 2017 09:18
Fetch Named Agency of Record by Mozilla
Tweet : Jan 30th 2017 15:05
Super Bowl LI: Is now the moment international audiences embrace the NFL's showpiece event? Dan Wilson comments
Tweet : Jan 30th 2017 15:02
Superbowl 2017 : Thoughts from Dan Wilson, Chris Cardew and Duncan Wynn
Tweet : Jan 26th 2017 15:39
Thanks for the taster @webreadwinners . Our UK team will be ordering from you from now on. Yummy bread & supporting a local charity.
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2017 17:11
Check out @dentsuaegis latest episode of #unboxed where we join our network agencies to discuss #mobile
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2017 16:39
Inside AdWords:Making YouTube Better in a Mobile, Cross-Screen World via @adwords
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2017 15:50
Tomorrow ANDYs Return to Live Regional Sessions of 1st round of Judging with our UK CD @pe_lefebvre via @AdClubNY
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2017 14:39
Dentsu Aegis Tech Matrix 2017 by @dentsuaegis #advertising #ces via @SlideShare
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2017 10:31
Our UK Creative Director @pe_lefebvre will be a Judge for this years @andyawards
Tweet : Jan 20th 2017 19:15
Hey @BarackObama we hear you are looking for a job? ???? We're hiring and welcome you to join our team USA ????????

Western Union - Western Union Selfie App
Western Union
(Western Union)
Western Union Selfie App
Web-app where employees uploaded annotated & captioned selfies into a responsive web gallery site.
Apr 11th 2016 14:59:44
Slice of Cake - Slice of Cake - Video Promo
Slice of Cake
(Gamblit Gaming)
Slice of Cake - Video Promo
Live action promo for Gamblit Gaming’s ‘Slice of Cake’ - TVC production quality to mobile video.
Apr 11th 2016 14:43:46

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