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Tweet : Dec 13th 2016 21:31
RT @fjallstrom: bara vi, @oakwoodcreative och @RebelandBird som skänker en slant till flyktingar i år? nån mer som vill haka på? https://t.
Tweet : Nov 9th 2016 15:33
RT @tidningenresume: Blocket får nytt utseende
Tweet : Oct 20th 2016 12:33
RT @iam_internet: ? Watch @paulobarcelos / @oakwoodcreative talk on The Futures of Education a.k.a. Learning #IAMW16 ????
Tweet : Sep 22nd 2016 19:35
RT @aktieinvest: har väl inte missat att vi släppt vår nya sajt och profil idag? Självklart i samarbete med Oakwood creative https
Tweet : Aug 23rd 2016 10:29
RT @creativebrief: New BITE trend - Live-Streaming - featuring @InsideFreuds @GreyLondon @oakwoodcreative https://t
Tweet : Apr 19th 2016 08:42
Make an Oakwooder smile. Vote for us in People's Voice. We'll owe you one.
Tweet : Apr 9th 2016 12:48
RT @limbikworldwide: Paulo from Oakwood Creative Digital Agency has an unusual but lovely message for us serious adults: PLAY! #IAMW16 http
Tweet : Apr 9th 2016 12:43
RT @iedbarcelona: “Play is something that trascends languages. You get to know people is better through play" @paulobarcelos #IAMW16 https:
Tweet : Apr 9th 2016 12:43
RT @gianmonaco: ???????????? for @paulobarcelos kickass presentation about playing, learning, being silly with technology #IAMW16
Tweet : Apr 9th 2016 12:43
RT @kmurrayclark: In randomness we trust @paulobarcelos from Oakwood Creative Digital Agency #IAMW16 @iam_internet
Tweet : Apr 9th 2016 12:42
RT @bamboo_creative: A fantastic insight into the creative importance of play @paulobarcelos at @iam_internet #IAMW16 #learning #tech https
Tweet : Apr 9th 2016 12:42
RT @tendenciastv: We also ???? play! Baby Robot Dinousar! #oakwood #IAMW16
Tweet : Apr 9th 2016 12:16
Talk play with us @iam_internet this weekend #IAMW16
Tweet : Apr 9th 2016 11:59
RT @CreativeSocial: Remote control heads race Take play seriously @paulobarcelos @oakwoodcreative #IAMW15
Tweet : Apr 8th 2016 13:10
Last month we launched a campaign site that lets kids & parents take a stand for free play:
Tweet : Apr 8th 2016 13:07
RT @tidningenresume: Byråerna med chans att vinna Webby’s
Tweet : Apr 7th 2016 12:23
Read about our smartest concept yet:
Tweet : Apr 5th 2016 14:04
We just landed a #Webby nomination with @cheapmonday for the Pocket Operator site. Vote for us in People's Voice on
Tweet : Apr 4th 2016 14:52
We just redecorated the website for one of Sweden's most Iconic furniture factories. Check it out on
Tweet : Apr 1st 2016 20:33
RT @lovieawards: Make EU Internet history. Enter The #Lovies and join the ranks of @oakwoodcreative + more: https:/
Tweet : Mar 17th 2016 15:21
Check out our crispy campaign for MTV – Relation Chips!
Tweet : Mar 17th 2016 15:18
RT @Dagens_Media: MTV lanserar egna chips
Tweet : Mar 9th 2016 16:32
@noemistauffer thanks! see you there! :)
Tweet : Mar 3rd 2016 11:57
RT @iam_internet: Meet #IAMW16 speaker @paulobarcelos, head of R&D at @OakwoodCreative! Check out his profile???? https
Tweet : Feb 17th 2016 09:36
RT @DragonRougeUK: @oakwoodcreative loving the Tretorn Tennis Balls! Nice work on being our @creativebrief 'Hot Pick' buddies this week htt
Tweet : Feb 5th 2016 14:36
Go team Oakwood!
Tweet : Jan 28th 2016 14:34
We’re on the hunt for an Account Director to join our Stockholm office. Could it be you?
Tweet : Jan 28th 2016 14:17
RT @kellywisker: We're on the hunt for superstar Account Directors @oakwoodcreative - check it out:
Tweet : Jan 27th 2016 16:07
It's ok to play with your phone during our classes at @Berghs! #PhysicalToDigital #workshop
Tweet : Jan 25th 2016 10:25
RT @releasefest: Kör #pocketoperators från @jugendingenieur för @cheapmonday direkt på sajten. Av @oakwoodcreative –

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