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Tweet : Jan 18th 2017 06:53
Our CCO David Eriksson about Innovation for the Experience Age at The Great Northern inauguration day #tgnsweden
Tweet : Jan 16th 2017 11:30
RT @gubbjonas: Vår ordförande David Eriksson inleder med att berätta om @NorthKingdom fantastiska resa. #ufvasterbotten
Tweet : Jan 16th 2017 11:30
RT @tgnsweden: David Eriksson of @NorthKingdom discussing his company's Star Wars app at #tgnsweden's grand opening
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 21:49
RT @RealHughJackman: Frame 1974 of 1974 LOGAN #OneLastTime #Postcard @WolverineMovie @20thcenturyfox
Tweet : Dec 29th 2016 09:07
The Model 15 app we developed with Moog is voted best music-making app of 2016!
Tweet : Dec 27th 2016 08:33
Design & Tech internships available both in Sweden and Los Angeles this spring/summer!
Tweet : Dec 23rd 2016 12:58
We are recruiting! Producer and Tech Director needed for our HQ in Skellefteå!
Tweet : Dec 7th 2016 19:47
RT @NorthKingdom: The @McDonalds Future Customer Experience has close to 6 million views on @facebook. Follow the conversation here! https:
Tweet : Dec 7th 2016 19:11
The @McDonalds Future Customer Experience has close to 6 million views on @facebook. Follow the conversation here!
Tweet : Nov 23rd 2016 16:48
Read about how we helped @McDonalds visualize their future customer experience:
Tweet : Nov 11th 2016 16:44
RT @petersonjeffrey: "If @googleearth and @LEGO_Group had a baby, it would be" @CYoungEdTech #HECC2016 #Lego #maker
Tweet : Oct 17th 2016 04:07
Beyond excited to have helped this very special VR piece come to life @TheSimpsons @google
Tweet : Oct 16th 2016 23:10
RT @googlevr: Watch Planet of the Couches with any #GoogleCardboard this Sunday, Oct 16 on Android and iOS. #Simpso
Tweet : Oct 16th 2016 20:02
RT @GoogleATAP: Tonight’s the night!
Tweet : Oct 16th 2016 20:02
RT @TheSimpsons: The 600th episode of #TheSimpsons airs TONIGHT. Don’t forget your #GoogleCardboard to experience the couch gag in VR via @
Tweet : Oct 15th 2016 06:18
RT @NorthKingdom: On Sunday the 600th episode of @TheSimpsons airs! And also this! #staytuned #newwork #doh https:/
Tweet : Oct 14th 2016 22:58
On Sunday the 600th episode of @TheSimpsons airs! And also this! #staytuned #newwork #doh
Tweet : Oct 11th 2016 16:15
The very first quarterly update from your friends at North Kingdom is out! Sign up for the newsletter here!
Tweet : Oct 7th 2016 23:14
One of our clients sent some @BoostedBoards as a thank you for a good collaboration. We're stoked! #SpeedMatters
Tweet : Sep 16th 2016 17:42
Finishing the week with some nice coverage in @Variety for our @AHSFX VR experience Have a good weekend friends!
Tweet : Sep 7th 2016 08:32
Here’s a great walkthrough of the Lego Star Wars Force Builder app from a young Force Builder:
Tweet : Aug 23rd 2016 15:32
For you who missed the sold out event at #TheConf from our CCO about how brands should approach VR:
Tweet : Aug 17th 2016 09:21
Are you our next Production Manager/Office Manager in Stockholm?
Tweet : Aug 15th 2016 21:53
#theConf is sold out since long... If you are there, don’t miss the talk on VR from our own David Eriksson:
Tweet : Jul 25th 2016 10:55
@fwa yes for sure!
Tweet : Jul 25th 2016 07:54
Scariest thing at #SDCC16 ? Our VR-experience for American Horror Story:
Tweet : Jul 23rd 2016 23:12
RT @AHSFX: Visit the @AHSFX Fearless VR Experience today at #SDCC...if you dare. #FXSDCC
Tweet : Jul 22nd 2016 22:52
#AmericanHorrorStory Fearless VR by @NorthKingdom. Live now! #AHS #VR #FXSDCC @FXNetworks #SDCC
Tweet : Jul 22nd 2016 02:40
#AmericanHorrorStory #VR #comingsoon
Tweet : Jul 22nd 2016 00:50
#AmericanHorrorStory fan at #SDCC? You’re in for a treat. Stay tuned. #AHS #VR #FXSDCC @FXNetworks

The Simpsons x Google VR  - 600th Episode
The Simpsons x Google VR
(The Simpsons )
600th Episode
Digital, Innovation, Mobile
A special collaboration between google x The Simpsons with a a VR 'couch gag' as part of the show.
Oct 26th 2016 11:39:05
FX networks  - American Horror VR experience
FX networks
(American Horror )
American Horror VR experience
Digital, Innovation
The worlds first death simulator brought to you with the HTC Vive at ComicCon 2016 for AH Season 6.
Oct 10th 2016 14:02:23
REI  - #OptOutside
(REI )
Digital, Innovation, Mobile
Experience design for Titanium Grand Prix winning campaign for REI.
Jun 27th 2016 12:56:36
Moog  - Moog Model 15 app
Moog Model 15 app
Digital, Innovation, Mobile
Product design to make a €10,000 instrument fit in a €30 app.
May 18th 2016 10:07:38
Lego  - Lego Force Builder App
(Lego Star Wars)
Lego Force Builder App
Digital, Innovation, Mobile
2 years in the making & scalable over time - use The Force to interact with the Lego Star Wars world
Apr 19th 2016 10:05:38

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